Using a Weightlifting Belt to Add More Weight

I have not used a weightlifting belt in the deadlift in years. I want to start using one again in order to lift heavier weights e.g. 10- 15 percent more hopefully.

The belt feels awkward it could be my belly I suppose. How long does it take to get used to wearing one before I can reliably lift more in the deadlift.

For frame of reference I did a comfortable set of 5 with a rep to spare with 182.5kg beltless
A single with 200 kg beltless

I would like to do 220kg for a single or possibly more.

I could do 200 X 5 which allowed me to do 240kg with a belt . But that was over 5 years ago.

It is my 7th week back from a 6 month layoff.i have been working out once per week with a 3 by 5 in the deadlift. E.g. 140 X 5 , 162.5 X 5 , 182.5 X 5 .
Although i lifted the heavier set first after a good warmup.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

I’m not really sure what the question is here… How long it takes to get acclimated to using a belt varies tremendously, and can depend on how you wear it, if you already know how to make proper use of it, etc.

But I think the overall answer to your question is, more than likely, it will improve your deadlift performance at some point. And I think that’s all that really matters. I bought my first belt when my deadlift was around what yours is now. It was a good idea.


Thanks. I am getting concerned about my form in the 1 rep maxes too…it was ugly as hell today after the top set of 5.

My formula of 1.2 X the weight of the top set of 5 no.longer seems to work either.
Even accounting for fatigue I don’t think I could do more than 210kg.

I think I will just do my warm up sets without the belt. I get a lot of core work outside the gym too.
I suppose belts being uncomfortable is part of the game.

I have used one successfully in the past. But lately it seems harder.

Oh yea. I had bruises on my ribs for months. It does suck a lot.

Pretty much. Kinda depends on how you wear it, how tight it is, etc. Maybe play around with these variables a little bit if it’s insanely uncomfortable. SOME discomfort is pretty normal. I mean at the end of the day, we’re not working out for ‘comfort’, right? Being sore for days after a workout isnt particularly comfortable, but we endure this because it’s just a part of the process.

You just have to choose, for yourself, what discomforts are tolerable and which aren’t, and that will be based on how much you really want to get stronger. I’ve beat my body up pretty good over the years for the sake of strength. I’ve trained in 110 degree weather several days a week, for months at a time. We all have different thresholds for this.


I do not have as much time to devote to it right now. I used to workout near daily sometimes twice per day.
But I am hoping I can make good progress on my once per week deadlifts and bench.
I am trying to add in a squat day…But I cannot justify the inevitable bad soreness in the first weeks.
I am helping with house renovations .

It is true you have to want it badly to keep getting stronger over time. Also when you stop, you regress which is hard. It is hard to stay motivated over time. I no longer train Christmas day lol.

Tried the belt(pronged Eleiko) it was way easier. Did all my 5 reps with 2.5 kg more with a bit to spare.
Very little if any lower back fatigue. I could probably train more often, if I can get the time.

If you have an extra 4 minutes, you have the time.

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I do the Powertwister every other day and have started walking . Getting time in the gym is harder. I tend to start bw exercises at home too.

But point taken thanks so true.

I would use the 4 minutes for burpees or prisoner squats

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