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Using a Vaporizer and Training?



Obviously using a vaporizer is healthier for you than a joint because there's no carcinogens, carbon monoxide, smoke etc... but are there still negative affects from it?

I take my sport seriously but i want to toke. I figure if you're not damaging your lungs with the combustion of a dried bud, it shouldn't really affect your condition or training capacity. or does it?!


They're more expensive than a pack of zig zags.


ya but so are the 3 girls in your avatar.



'marijuana is a one way ticket to low testosterone, erectile dysfunction and fertility problems'



Weed affects testosterone.
If you're that serious about this shit, that should be enough to make a decision.
Although, I used to smoke like crazy and it did not have any affect on my libido or sexual performance.
So I dunno what all that shit is about.
In fact, I think it enhanced it.


Posted simultaneously with my post. :slight_smile:




God, you sound just like my neighbor. He refuses to wear deodorant because of the miniscule amount of aluminum in it, and he tells me this as he's turning on his vaporizer and drinking a Budweiser out of an aluminum can.


If your willing to invest money in a vaporizer knowing that it will kill your gains,then I don't think your taking your sport seriously enough. This is a situation where you cant have it both ways.


I don't doubt that marijuana has some affect on test but to say that it will " kill your gains " is very naive.

There are plenty of huge, strong guys that indulge on a regular basis.

Vaporizers are a good idea imo if you are going to smoke regularly. An added bonus is that if you smoke somewhat regularly they will actually pay for themselves fairly quickly as you can achieve the same high with substantially less weed.


^ Agreed.

If you're working out hard and eating right, some weed is not going to have that much of an effect on you.


anyone else think that the whole effect on testosterone thing is horse shit? Either increasing it (squats as they say) or decreasing it I just don't think it has any effect at all. It is mostly genetic imo


It is horse shit, and anyone who spouts off that "information" is probably one of the sheeple running around, telling people they can't take in more than 30 g of protein in a sitting.

...the same people not making progress, usually.


Looking at it another way, if you're having trouble gaining weight, maybe some weed followed by the munchies is just what the doctor ordered.


LOL. I hate to spread more gossip because I know he wishes it was not public, but Tony Freeman got caught in a situation with weed and you would be naive as hell to think a plant that increases appetite would be avoided by all of bodybuilding.


by "it is horse shit" are you talking about the idea that weed lowers test, or that test levels can be increased or decreased in general by certain activities such as squatting as the other poster brought up?


It isn't so much that test levels may go up or down over the course of the day depending on the activity...it is the false belief that these rises and falls directly effect muscle gains in any significant fashion.

Yes, you may note an increase in GH from doing some squats...but if you take that to mean that squats increase GH therefore increasing muscle mass more than, say, overhead presses, you are dead wrong and jumping to conclusions not based in science.


i've been smoking semi-regularly for quite a few years. I have been testing my test every 6-9 months and have not seen any real change in any of the levels for the past few years, so personally i don't agree that it lowers test.

I'm almost convinced that it has anti-inflammatory properties. After a hard workout, nothing feels better than sitting in a comfy chair with a bat and a big plate of food.


Also, Arnold smoked weed, think about how many NFL players get busted for weed all the time... Those guys aren't exactly small... I mean Ricky Williams is a prime example. He smoked all the time and was/is one of the beefiest RB's in the league


I saw "Reefer Madness" recently and I still see some of the same mentality today....when hemp could revolutionize the paper and clothing industry.

Sorry guys, but the belief that this plant destroys muscle gains is just not based in reality. I am betting some of these guys aren't downing 10,000cals a day yet avoiding an easily accessible plant that would make it easy.

If we want to discuss overall health, let's do that, but again, I am assuming a vaporizor decreases any of the harmful effects of smoke....which is the main negative issue with marijuana.