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Using a Test Cycle to Recover from an Injury

To start off I am currently 19 but would be 20 at the time this would take place so that is a large factor into why I am uneasy about this.

To start I tore my acl and meniscus meaning I couldn’t walk for 3 weeks then had a year long recovery ahead of me. I atrophied a lot and strength took a long time to build up and I am currently 10 months of surgery and almost back to equal strength, but still have a long way to go. The main issue is that it looks like my graft has been stretched too much and I will most likely need another surgery come surgery and with me already not being at 100% strength in that leg my recovery will most likely be much longer than the normal year long recovery. I was thinking that starting at 6 months off of the second surgery I would cycle test e at 250 per week as my goal is to get back to where I was at my peak.
I know this may be extreme but the amount of time I have already been out has been excruciating and the idea of a full 15+ more months is really killing me right now. For me age is the biggest concern so any advice would be great. Thanks.

Don’t do it reasons

  1. that’s not how test works

  2. your to young (but you know this)

  3. post OP recovery is supposed to be gradual for a reason.

That’s a pretty dumb idea coogy. T is not used for recovery.
If you want to help your recovery get your IGF-1 measured with a blood test and if it is under 300 look into peptides to boost your growth hormone. I would recommend you look into Sermorelin you’ll want to take 1000mcg at bedtime every night.

Yeah I for sure get the age thing. I also get that test wouldnt just magically put me back at natural physique and strength. The original plan was to do only stability pt up until the point that the graft is considered healed and then start a cycle in order to gain the muscle back quickly. I would also obviously expect to get way past the point I was before die to the fact that I was on test. I would treat it like a normal cycle in terms of trying to build mass and strength I would just focus extra on single leg exercises in order to bring up my weaker leg. I am most likely not going to do this as you said because I am too young it was more of just a desperation thing if you understand that. Thanks for the response.

I think I mis explained what I intended to do. I was going to wait until my graft was stable and I am at about the point I am allowed to return to sports and then I would use test to build the mass and strength needed to perform rather then hitting that point and still being too weak to actually play. I will definitely look into those tho so thank you.

That does make more sense but you really should get your own T lvl tested. If you naturally make a high lvl of T it is way better that T you inject. When you inject T it turns your balls off and they can get damaged and might not recover. That is the really scary part and younger you are the easier it is to get damaged. That is why folks are saying don’t do it.

When guys cycle they do a lot of prep to protect their tendons and joints because T helps your muscles grow but it does nothing for everything else and injuries happen a lot. Anyway checkout the peptide it could really help you.

You’ll be amazed how fast you regain size and strength once you’re able to workout at 100%. At your age you’ll bounce back a lot faster than you think. If you were 29 it would be a little different. But 19? You’ve got loads of time and Mother Nature on your side.