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Using a Sled to Get Ripped?


I always see people talking about how great a workout they got from their sled and how it kicked their ass. I am wondering if any one has ever actually gotten very lean from using a sled? Some one who isn't a lean person genetically?


I've never had the chance of using one, but I've tought for awhile now that overhead drags would be a tough core exercise.


Nobody has ever gotten lean from using a sled in particular. You get lean from your diet. TO ANSwer the second half, have you ever seen an olympic track athlete? Pretty lean right? Or a football player? also lean. They use sleds. So do fat Powerlifters. Sorry to be a dick, but this is a stupid question. It is not the tool you use but the way you use it.



Sleds are a conditioning tool, accessory to a solid training program. Paired with the right kind of diet, sure you'll get ripped. Paired with a shit diet, you'll still be fat, but better at pushing/pulling sleds.

I swear exercise equipment infomercials have fucked this world in the ass instilling this mentality that getting ripped is in the product. It yields nonsensical questions like this. People have gotten lean while using sleds in their training, but nobody has gotten ripped from using sleds. You get ripped from a lifestyle change.


Yeah, I also couldn't imagine the sole use of a sled leading to lots of fat loss.

You'd be in better condition, but I don't think the amount of work would be enough to take off a lot of fat.
Though someone who can push a heavy sled a fair distance many times would likely also then improve his ability to tolerate longer bouts of cardio.