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Using a Heat Belt??

What’s the word with wearing a neopryne heat belt around the waist? Reading my “THE ART OF EXPRESSING THE HUMAN BODY.” It’s all about Bruce Lee’s training he did. And he would wear one of these to build up heat around his waist to help sweat out water, resulting in a slimmer appearance.

Does this really make a difference?? I’m friends with Arturo Gatti the boxer & he wears one whenever he’s training. I’ve never asked him or his trainer about it-Teddy. I’m interested to find out more about it.

So what is everyones take on this? Did it help you? Thanks.

Im sure it woulkd make you sweat more and like you said APPEAR slimmer, As for any actualy loss Im not sold and would say watch for dehydration.

For someone like a boxer/wrestler etc trying to makle weight It could be very usefull.

I know a female models etc. that use saran wrap and the like around the waist to shed weight. but these girls have eating disorders etc for the most part.

Maybe some others can chime in on the science side a bit more. All I can tell you is yes you would sweat more and the added heat would cause some expenditure of your body trying to cool itself.