Using a bridge

bHey guys,

I’ve been ironing out the next cycle i’m going to start in a couple months and i was wondering what the general opinion here is on using a bridge at the end of the cycle.

The cycle will be 8 weeks in length and consist of tren/test/dbol.

However, i was considering adding a 4 week segment to the end of the cycle with 200mg/week primo and about 100-150mg/week enth. It is important to mention that my intention is not to run this right into my next cycle. I realize the importance of taking at least as much time off as you were on. I’m just trying to keep hold of my gains while giving my body a break from the heavier drugs. The main part of the cycle will last till the end of July, but it would be nice to stay solid till the end of august.

My main question is this. Should pct (tamoxifen) begin during this wind down phase? HCG will be used on the 250 iu sat/sun protocol through the cycle. Are the dosages i selected for the bridge either too high to permit recovery or too low to be useful? A higher dose of primo could be substituted for the enth.

There are definetly heated opinions either way on the use of bridges, and i’d like to hear them. Once again, i’m not trying to stay on the gear indefinetly. There will be a substantial off period after this cycle.


I would drop the test and do 200mgs primo only for 2=4 weeks post main cycle. I personally would start taking clomid as soon as clearance from main cycle was close to complete. The purpose of the bridge theoretically is it provide some anabolic support during the “flat line” which occurs between clearance and recovery. I would also use a little arimadex during this period just to keep the fat off.

I am going to use letrozole as the main anti-e during cycle, and nolvadex for PCT. I will continue the letrozole right to the end.

The only problem i think i might encounter is that if i run the sustanon right to the end of the main part of the cycle, it will still be active for 3-4 weeks past that last injection. I think i will restructure my cycle so i’m using a shorter ester for the last bit of the main part of the cycle, unless anybody thinks this is unecessary?

spook hit the nail on the head. i also like primo in the pct phase. i usually use 200-300mgs/wk for about 4 weeks.

I agree you should switch from sustanon to propionate but no need to do it more than three weeks out.
Three is safer but two may do,as the actual equivalent amount of testosterone base left 15 days after last injection (assuming weekly test 750mg one shot) is only 160mg and drops to < 100mg after 21 days. This will be lower again if you are injecting 3 times weekly (but I can’t be bothered to work it out!)

I like Spooks thought on the matter. The primo should see you through w/o as much suppression as the Test family would give you. I think just a little edge is the best way to go. I like the Arimidex idea too.

This is kind of a newbie question but i’ve never had to deal with it before, so here goes…

If one was running a lot of propionate for the last 3 weeks of this cycle thats being discussed, say 1000mg/week (i can get a 300mg/ml prop) and then you basically dropped that to nothing the next week other than 300mg of primobolan depot, is that fairly dumb? All the test i’ve ever used is the longer acting stuff (sustanon) and it just winds itself down naturally.

Would coming off a high dose of a fast acting test like propionate cause a pretty big crash (not being able to get it up, feeling like garbage, etc.)? If it wont, then i will switch from the sustanon to the propionate with 3 weeks left and then finish the main cycle using the propionate ester at the end of 8 weeks.

My solution to this (if there will be a crash) is to begin propionate at 1g for weeks 6 and 7, then drop to 600 for week 8, then 400 for week 9 (along with 600mg primo frontload), then discontinue test and just go with the primobolan at 200-300mg and begin PCT through weeks 10-12/13.


Your only on for 8 weeks. I wouldn’t worry too much about the crash if you bridge and use post cycle regimen. You might consider HCG throughout your cycle to help stave off testicular atrophy.

justin, what you have to realize is that endo test will not recover until exo test is no longer present, generally speaking. whether you are on a long or short esther, the idea is to restore endo test production post cycle as quickly as possible. the “crash” from any cycle can be minimized by a small dose of a mild androgen(such as primo) and a heavy pct protocol. this is what will minimize losing gains.

I didnt really post the cycle structure here, but i use HCG on the weekend protocol in all my cycles now, starting usually in week 3. So this should prevent or at least slow down testicular atrophy. I think i will go with the stepping down plan with the propionate over 4 weeks, followed by 3 weeks of primobolan, during which time PCT will start (nolvadex at 40mg/day for 2 weeks, then 20mg/day for 2 weeks, continuing if necessary)

Thanks for the help guys.