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Using 29g 1/2 Slin Pin for Injections?

I have some 29 gauge 1/2 inch slin pins and was wondering if I could use them for injection with test or Tren or any gear. I had a friend tell me 0.5 inch might not be long enough

I use them for delt and an occasional SubQ shot (only when delts are beat up). You need to be lean enough to get into the muscle is the caveat. I think based on your picture, that you could pin delts. Glutes I think wouldn’t work (it would not make it to muscle). Most have to be very lean to pin glutes with a 1/2" needle.

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Appreciate you Ben

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Another caveat is that they hold approximately 1.1 mL (you can over fill them by about .1 mL). Now if you are injecting 5 mL of oil a week, that might turn into a lot of injections.

Additionally, draw time can really be long with 29 gauge. Some of this depends on what the gear is and what the carrier oil is. It may take you 5+ minutes to fill your syringe. Injecting will go faster because you can generate a whole lot of pressure with a 1 mL syringe (the smaller the barrel diameter the more pressure will be generated with a given force). I use a vice grip to hold the plunger of the syringe in position while filling, and position the vial so the needle stays submerged in oil. Then I come back in a few minutes and it is filled.

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I use the 1/2 mL version for test in delts, glutes, chest, lats, quads, and VG. I’m really lean, maybe the glutes ends up going subQ, I don’t know. I’ve never had issues with lumps, pain, etc. I get the sink going as hot as I can, fill a cup with that hot water, and drop my vial in there. I then go to the bathroom, brush my teeth, etc. After that, I swab off the vial and it draws fairly quickly. I only pin 1/2mL at most at a time though, and the smaller barrel means less pressure on the plunger than a 1mL syringe.

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Not sure what you mean here? Do you mean a smaller barrel diameter means you have to push less hard (apply less force) on the plunger to generate the same pressure in the barrel as compared to a syringe with a larger barrel diameter. If so I agree with you.

SubQ is an option. Some disagree, I do both. But, the 29 ga takes some strong fingers, lol. I use 25g.

I only used harpoons for my first cycle cuz my friend who is a doctor did the shots for me. Actually the first 2 shots I did myself both in the quads and both times I hit a nerve, it hurt like hell, it was very unpleasant and I did not want to do it ever again. After my first cycle was over I did PCT and while on it my friend moved away from the country so him doing my shots for the next cycle was no longer an option. I was seriously considering never doing steroids again untill I found out insulin syringes were an option.
So for my second cycle I would just draw with a 23G needle into a regular syringe to speed up the process then backload the insulin syringes. I would shoot EOD with no problems, no PIP no hitting veins or anything and I have been doing it like that ever since.
As far as going deep enough, you have to be somewhat lean. I found no metter how lean I get if I shoot quads or glutes it would always end up SUBQ but I found shooting rear delts, mid delts, pecs, triceps, traps, lats or ventroglute it would end up IM always.

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Yes, this is what my sleep-deprived brain was attempting to communicate!