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Using 1ml Vials for Multiple Doses?

So I have finally gotten the OK for home injection. Thank God.

I picked up my script and was given (3) 1 ml vials of test cyp.

As I would like to work into two injections weekly (50mg/dose or .25 cc) I would have to puncture this little vial 4 times until empty.

I’ve tried to find some info on the internet forums regarding this, but the info seems a bit grey.

Is anyone using those little 1 mg vials for multiple dose?

Thanks for the help!

As long as it is a standard type vile, crimped top / rubber stopper, that’s fine. Mine comes in 10ml in a vial. Ampules would be different.

It’s fine assuming they are the rubber stopper type, no issues. Just swab the rubber stopper before you draw it up each time.

Isn’t 50mg equal to .5 cc and not .25? Have I been doing this all wrong?

I use a 1cc syringe and fill it to .5 to get my 50mg. I do this twice a week to get 100mg in total.


Just clued in, you probably have the 200mg/Ml vials and I have 100mg/Ml. Doh!

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Yes, 200mg/ml vials.

Gonna be hard to squeeze out a full 1ml out of that vial!!

With tiny rubber stopper vials - air may get trapped in the rubber. If so, sort of sling the vial upside down and the added G-force will displace the air.

Typically we see guys struggle with 1ml glass ampules.

1mg vials are very small to a male hand. Get script for 10ml vial 200mg/ml. This is also less costly. Do not refrigerate T.

That’s what I get. It is difficult to get a full cc with multiple doses.

Would it be easier to decant your 3 1ml vials into a larger vial?

Thanks for the replies. I am already assuming that getting the full 1ml out in two divided doses will be tough.

A quick question about needles: I plan on drawing with one needle (22 gauge) the appropriate dose, THEN pulling in some air prior to taking off said needle and adding a higher gauge needle (25 gauge) to inject with IM. I may switch to SQ at a later date.

. Am I correct in assuming this is done to pull in any testosterone that is left sitting in the first needle after loading as to not waste it?

Most here are probably using #29 1/2" 0.5ml insulin syringes, ~$14 per 100 at USA SAMs/Walmart. injecting subq provides smoother release. These syringes are basically zero waste.

Decades of IM needle damage to muscles is a lame thing to do.