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Username Different Color

I’ve noticed some people’s user names are slightly more translucent, for lack of a better word. Like 99% are bold, and some are just fainter and lighter.

Wud do it meanz @Chris_Colucci


And I already checked to make sure it’s not something the starter of the thread receives to signify he’s the OP.

It sometimes shows like that when someone is suspended.

Could it be for new members?

Edit: scratch that, doesn’t seem to be the case

I’m actually curious about this too.


Just the forum’s preset way of sorting people of a certain, um, caliber. Nothing to do with bans or suspensions, per se, and there are less than a handful of users that should be appearing like that.

Interestingly, seems like it only has that appearance on mobile, not desktop.


It all makes so much sense now :joy: if I ever get to the point where my username looks like that, please permaban me. Please :joy:


So shouldn’t you be banned by now? Haha kidding

If I where Chris I’d ban the fuck out of me and a few others. Thankfully, I’m not in charge of that.