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Usefulness - The Ropeless Jump Rope


Hope I won't piss Swiss of by posting useless stuff as well.


More like the jumpless jump rope.


Is it just me or does it seem like "fake" activities are taking over?

If I am going to have to actually play a fucking guitar on guitar hero, I might as well go buy a damn real one; same with Wii bowling, tennis, boxing....hell it's fucking harder to do the "fake" activity than it is to actually go play the fucking sport!

A ropeless jumprope? WTF!

I am going to invent a game called Bathroom Hero, you act like you are dropping a deuce or pissing. I bet it would sell like hot cakes in this lazy as fuck age. People clearly like to pretend to do something instead of actually doing it.....




did it honestly just say that jumping rope was "too hard"

my gawd...


Yes, it requires too much coordination and skill. Retard.


Why can't they just...jump? Do they really need those stuffs to jump? I couldn't even finish watching the video, it's killing me bit by bit.


That made me laugh hard. I've got an idea, why not make these things into hand grenades, so when the useless masses buy them, we won't be bothered by them anymore.


guise, I can't jump, so I will just bend my knees.

brb, bending knees so I can get into bodybuilding contest shape



This will go great with my "foodless" diet plan and my "weightless" weight lifting.

Jumping rope is HARD and takes too much SKILL. Some of you meatheads should be aware that not everyone is trying to be like Ronnie Coleman and that some of us have trouble coordinating hand movements with jumping in place ...even though we work at jobs that require skills like...seeing and doing stuff at the same time.

I'll be glad when this site gets rid of you turds so we can make way for my weak uncoordinated brethren who just want abs.

Ain't that right, Shugs?


Who you callin' a turd?


hahahahahah. SO... if it's a ropeless jumprope, the activity taking place is now jumping?