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Used Trap Bar?

Where can you find used equipment on the web? Specifically, I looking for a used trap bar. I tried the local Craigs List but couldn’t locate one

I looked several years back with no luck. I think it is a relatively unknown specific type bar for the casual home gym owner. Unless you find a REAL gym going out of business, you will have to break down like I did and order a new one online. I bought one that has a high and a low handle which is great foe variety. I think I bought off a ebay.

tried e bay ?

As mentioned you should try eBay, but you could also search Amazon for trap bar, hex bar and shrug bar. You should be able to find some relative cheap ones for less than 200 bucks.

I actually received my own trap bar yesterday, just like the one EliteFTS carries and can’t wait to try it out later today.

if you go to an hammersmith you could have one new for less than 50 euros/40 bucks,I did…
hope it helps

just keep watching craigs list… One will come up eventually. That is where i got mine.