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Used Tractor Tire Questions

Looking to buy a giant used up tractor tire for general training @ home (eg: tire flips, maybe tire pulls? and hammer work ).

Been looking on craigslist, but not sure what exactly Im looking for.

How do I determine the height and weight of the tires from looking @ the ads?
For example they list them in tire size #'s like 34x32x16.5, something like that.

And what would be a good weight of tire?

You probably won’t find one on craigslist. If you do, it will probably be identified as a tire for strongman. Even if you find an old sandbox tire, it’s probably too light. You’d be better off looking at junkyards and such.

when i wanted to get a tire i posted a wanted ad on craigslist and two people in my area had large construction tires that they were willing to give away if i came and picked it up.

just post a wanted ad sayin you are looking for a large construction tire and see what happens, it worked for me!

Call construction companies or someone that changes their tires, they have to pay to get rid of the tires so they will give you one.

23.5-25 is a good size usually. Between 450-600lbs depending on how many plys

Like previously said call companies that replace big tires. They will almost always have some. or at least know where you can get some.

I got one today…

20.5 - 25 loader tire. Well used and looks like a recap if that’s possible. I figure it goes 325-375.

I advertised on craigslist and got a reply in one day. I had to drive about an hour to get it.

My wife is not impressed… and I assume the HOA will feel the same.





[quote]LA wrote:

What are the dimensions on the tire you have? I have a loader tire coming that’s 2 feet thich and 5 feet tall but not sure how much it weighs.

It’s listed as 20.5 - 25. Not sure what those numbers actually mean. It’s about 4’6" tall standing up and about 18" tall lying flat on the ground.

I estimated weight from a chart I got here on T-Nation and another I found on Crossfit.

One of these days I’ll throw it in my truck and get it weighed.


i just went to the dump and picked up one. had to borrow a trailer, but it has worked out well. and for the weight, it will be pretty tough to tell whether you are flipping a 400 or 600 pound tire when you get to flipping believe me

find out who runs your local strongman comps. they should be able to give you the number for the people that supply tires for them. around here in south carolina “giant tire”, the co. that does our equipment tires, provides tires for comps and they know exactly what you need. since companys like this pay a disposal fee you should be able to get it free or pay very little.