Used to Compete, Want to Try Gear

Am going to be going on a cycle of test and Dbol. Just looking for advice.

I’m currently 170lbs 11 percent bodyfat.

My goal is to pack on some size.

Was planning on running 300-400 mg Test-E for 8-12 weeks and taking Dbol in a small dosage for the first 3-4 weeks. Any input or advice would be much appreciated.

If it’s a first cycle you’d be best to just use 1 drug at a time, so test only.
If you’re dead set on dbol too you can use it at the end. Finish strong when your body is tired and ready for a break, and you will have reached homeostasis and know what it feels like to be on that high of a test dose, so if you have new issues like high estrogen (common with dbol) then you’ll know what it’s from.

Also wouldn’t waste the shut down for only 8 weeks unless it was prop. Lots of risk using drugs and at 8 weeks you’re making the reward smaller, with the same risk.


Change that to 500 and 16-20 and you’ll be on your way to a good first cycle. Forget the dbol. It’s functionally hepatotoxic testosterone in terms of what it’ll give you over 3-4 weeks. No upside beyond lots of water and glycogen gain but it’ll make e2 management tougher. It’s maybe the worst first cycle oral to add at the beginning.