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Used Socks and Shoes For Sale??

What the…?!?


my first thought is how did you find that? second, maybe he is catering to the foot wierdos out there? judging by the private buyer settings, i would have to think so. now i know what i can do with my old clothes, i wonder how much my dirty used gym undies would fetch me?

Sell your dirty underwear to Japan. I hear they’re going like hotcakes there!

what the?!

About a year ago I was looking for some shoes on eBay and had the same experience: Guys selling well-worn shoes. And it was always guys.

I found it so strange I kept clicking on different auctions until I saw this in the description of one of them:


After that, I simply added “-gay -used” to my search query, and that was the end of that! :slight_smile:

But hey, if anyone can explain it to me, I’m all ears.