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Used Organon Sust?

Bro’s, I’m tired of buying gear with such a high BA content that I can’t walk for a week after a thigh injection. All test prop I’ve ever used, and all Golden Triangle gear, is high BA.

My question is, have any of you all used Organon brand Sust? It is from Turkey. If so, does it have a high BA content? Hate to spend any money on it if so. Thanks,

…your comparing apples to oranges…

test to sust.

Find a test with less BA. Ask your source for another brand. Or, find a new source if your not happy.

Another hint is to give yourself glute jections. Even if it hurts the same, you’ll still be able to walk better.


Used Organon Sust from Mexico in quad it was slightly sore after but nothing serious. Not like 100mg of a certain Test. Prop i used where I literally couldn’t walk right for about 3 days and was still sore after 6 days.
Shit even in the glutes i found Test. Prop pretty intolerable. The only way i could use it was to dilute with 5 volumes of sterile oil and then it was fine!

i dont know how many times i will have to say this. CUT YOUR GEAR. if you find good gear that hurts then just cut it. the pain issue will be no more. as for the sust. i ran a cycle of organon sust from greece about 6 months ago and yes it needed to be cut. trying to find painless gear is silly and pointless. you can make any gear painless.

All Susties are Organon brand. Whether the amps come from Turkey, India, Nile Co. etc. it’s all made by the same company. If you can’t take the BA content in some Sustanons, then listen to Drago… cut your GEAR.

Sustanon from Turkey: brown glass amp, paper label with rounded corners. If these are the Turkish Susties you are refering to, then yes, they are good. I’ve never had pain with them, nor ever had to cut them. Good luck.

I got the message before about cutting gear, I just hate to go to the trouble when there exists out there test and tren that doesn’t have to be cut - I know, I’ve used it, just don’t have access to it anymore.

I’ll research on the web where to buy sterile oil, the amps, and all that garbage, since that info isn’t readily posted. Thanks for the info guys.

Where can I purchase sterile oil, or find instructions for making oil sterile? I did a search both on google and here using various and sundry combinations of the words “sterile, oil, cutting, steroids, suppliers”

All I was able to find out (I am serious) was that if your iguana is constipated, you can remedy it by giving him sterile mineral oil. I dunno, but I would think that would just piss off an already ill-tempered iguana. Secondly, I found out that you can use steroids and no-sterile oil to remove tear stains from your dog prior to a show.

Look, if someone could just point me in the right direction, I’ll do the rest.

By the way, how would you even know your iguana was constipated?

I’m using a sustanon copy now that is the easiest injecting test blend i’ve ever tried. I used to get crippled from sust and omnadren. It definetly does depend on the make. Sterile oil you can order, go to a pharmacy and ask them to get you some USP cottonseed oil.

The sustenon blend that jp is using is Cyctahoh - its been brought in from russia via the Ukraine and I second that - it is THE MOST PAINLESS! product I have ever used! if anyone is interested in the details send me a pm!

The most painless sustanon-250 i’ve ever used was organon from Portugal. Also injecting sustanon or any propionate should be done slowly.

Ok, I have found sterile vials on the web - typed is Cottonseed oil USP.

Now, I would think 30ml, which is about 6 ounces, would be sufficient to cut gear for an 8 week cycle, correct?

Well, let me tell you I have used Organon’s Sust from Mexico. Actually I’m from Mexico and now living in the States. I’ve never done Sust in my quads, always on the glutes, however I’ve not found it to be painful at all. On the other hand Primotest by Sintex hurts more… Oh and one word about mexican gear… it’s legit, especially if you buy it Mexico city in a pharmacy. No need for prescriptions. The people who say you need precriptions to buy gear from Mexico are spreading a myth…

Sorry… Primoteston is from Schering…

I’m using Tornell’s Super Test 250 at 500mgs/wk. The first time I shot it, it was a little sore but the second injection and the ones after it were virtually painless. I know Tornell has a bad rep, but its practically painless.

The Turkish Organon Sust. is pain-free. Only hit the glutes though.

The first time I shot Mexican Organon sust, the pain in my glute was unbearable. Sitting down on a workout bench was a pain in the ass (literally).

I have to second or third < the preffered glute injection for sus, am using organon sust 250, injected 2cc with 1cc TA in my right thigh the other day, nasty bruise and a lot of pain, however the same dose, in my right glute + no problems,