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Used Gym Equiptment


I'm shopping for a weight bench, barbell and plate set this weekend at our local Rotary auction & sale.

What should I pay for these types of equipment used? What else should I be looking for?


I wouldn't pay much more than 20 cents per pound for iron plates or dumbells. My local used sporting goods store sells 'em for 40 cents/pound, and will buy them for 10 cents/pound.

As for a bench, that can vary dramaticly, but I usually see them going for around $100 for a bench, a bar, and some weights.

Check-out www.craigslist.com and check under the sporting-goods section for your area to get a good idea of what you should be paying for used gear.


OK here it is...

I got a bench with cushions in excellent condition, bench press & dip attachment for $15, a barbell bar for $10, a basket with 90 lbs of plates (10 10's and 2 5's) for $20 (right at the 20 cents you suggested). After shopping for other stuff I cam eback to see what was left - mostly plastic sand-filled plates. My wife spotted a cardboard box. Inside were a pair of iron 25's, still in plastic bags in the original box! Snagged them for $6. I also got a recumbant exercise bike for the wife for $30.

BTW, most of the other guys scoping out the weightlifting equipment were 15-year kids. No offeense to yo kids reading this, but that did make me feel weird.