used equipment.

We at Diablo Barbell are bringing in some new equipment and we need to sell off some of ours to make more room. The following equipment is for sale:

  1. Ultra wide power rack: 8’ tall, 52" wide at the base. This is a full commercial piece and is 8 months old. $275

  2. Utility rack, good for benching, squatting or pulling: 7’at the tallest point 4’ wide. Includes chinning bar, weight storage and adjustable safety bars. This is a full commercial piece and is 8 months old. $350

  3. Combo bench/squat rack: This was in Ted’s garage before we moved to the wherehouse. It has a fully adjustable bench on one side and a squat rack on the other. This is a light commercial piece and is 8 months old. $300

  4. Seated calf machine: Don’t ask why we have it, we just do. It is 3 years old. $50

  5. York competition deadlift platform: 8’x6’ This is a full commercial piece. It needs new holes drilled into the front side to make the metal skirt fit properly. $400

  6. Adjustable squat stands: These are 3 years old. One side needs to have the holes bored out a bit to make the racks adjust evenly. We used them several times with the cambered squat bar before we got the monolift and it worked fine. $75

Call or email if you are interested. We will ship these anywhere in the country but they will be shipped freight collect and you will pay the shipping charges when the equipment is delivered to your home or gym.

Phone: 925-685-8818
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