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Used Equipment For Sale

I have an ironmind draft horse pulling harness that i never use and it’s time to get rid of it.

Like new condition, $50 + 10 for shipping.

I also have the trainer, #1, #2 and #3 grippers if you are interested. 7 each and 3 for shipping.

Surprised T-Nation doesn’t have a “sales” forum.


What size is the harness?

Actually I wish they did have a “for sale” area. Thats a really good idea.

I will take the harness and grippers
PM me ASAP !!! paypal ready to go

the items were sold in about 2 minutes on mma.tv…maybe a for sale forum IS a good idea.

i’m not cool enough to get that many PM’s normally.

A sales forum would be awesome. There would have to be rules so that it wouldn’t become advertising ground for online retailers. A place just for members who are trying to find a good home for old equipment.

DAMN I figured so… well good luck in your next fight

I attempted to sell my x-vest on here once.

it’s still for sale if anyone is interested…PM me.

40lb model.