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Used Dumbbells - Good Price?


I'm looking at picking up a set of DBs, 15#-140#s. It's $0.45 per pound ($1,500 for 3,300 pounds). It seems like a pretty good deal when you compare it to new stuff which is around $2-3 per pound. I want to get you guys' thoughts before I pick them up and lug them to my garage.


never underestimate the power of persuasion. Try talking them down even lower. But thats pretty cheap.


Dude, that is a fucking steal if they're in good condition. I started a thread on building a home gym on a budget about a week ago and got some great advice/replies, and have been looking around for deals on db's from 90's on up. I found a guy last week who was selling from 3lb db's up to 120's for $550, but couldn't talk him into selling just the 90's plus and didn't have space for the rest of 'em. New the hex db's generally go for about a $1 a lb and the "pro style" db's run closer to $2-$3 a lb. If they're in even halfway decent condition I'd jump all over that shit.


I agree you should probably take them. Wouldn't hurt to whip out a roll of $1200 and see if he takes it.


We'll have to wait and see just how good the condition is. Here's the Craigslist post: http://orangecounty.craigslist.org/spo/1674134545.html

Yeah I'll be sure to try for a little cheaper. Maybe I'll walk in with $1,500 and a truck and see what I can leave with.

I saw your thread. Definitely some good info in there. Glad you popped in here. They're not hex, they're machined plates with bolt on handles (the better quality kind) like these: http://www.fitnessedgeonline.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=RM-EP-1.5


I might think about picking up the power rack, flat and incline (adjustable) benches, and wall mounted dip bar too. I'd love to get the leg press and hack squat too, and maybe the cable cross over (for $150!!) if the pulleys work.


I prefer the metal hex ones cause I wont feel bad tossing them around.

Watch craigslist though. I picked up 450#'s in plates (mostly 45's), an oly bar, steel plate tree and a power cage off craigslist for 225 once. I would have paid 225 for just the cage.


^^^ huh? Thats not what I wrote


Looks like he's got some really cool shit he's letting go. If you walk in with 15 hundo cash I imagine you can walk out with more than either of you expected. Is he closing down a gym, and more importantly, will he deliver to Houston?


The shopping continues. I'm still thinking about those DBs. I don't need to really set my garage gym up for a while, so I'm going to get back to that guy in a day or two. Make him sweat a little bit.

I've got another guy I'm in touch with who shut down a personal training business. I'm gonna try to lowball him for his stuff too. Eventually someone will crack :slightly_smiling:

I think I'm working out a deal right now where I'll get a 250# atlas stone, a pair of Elite FTS farmers walk handles (retail for $325), and a sled -- all for $200. Seems like a sick deal to me!


Don't pass up those dumbbells for too long, that is a great deal. Anything less than .50/pound is awesome, especially with heavier dumbbells.


Listen to this. While you think you're making him sweat he's fielding a shit ton of other offers from serious buyers. If you have the means to pick them up then you need to do it and stop pussyfooting, 'cause they WILL be gone really soon and you'll be kicking yourself in the ass for missing out on this deal.


Good point. I hear you guys. I have the means to get them, but there are other reasons as to why I'm a bit hesitant. I wouldn't "kick myself" if I didn't get them although i do want them. First being that my garage is currently occupied by someone. So they would basically be in "storage" and mostly unused 'til about September/October - so there's no real rush and probably plenty of time to find an alternative.

2nd is financial - I could be using the money for better purposes - like going into my business, which is not cash generating yet. Buying these DBs won't make me broke by any means, it's more of a guilt thing - like if I buy them I should have spent that money on the business. I pretty much feel guilty buying anything until my business is cash generating. I have a secure job in the meantime until the business is up and running.

But I do want them though!


I can get a set of 5-90s for $750 (with stand). They're hex though, but I could do without the heavy DBs (from the other set i'm looking at) for a while. Or I could even get both sets and sell the 5-90# set for a profit, cause I bet i can even talk him down from 750. I'm going to look at them tonight, and I'm basically going to be straight up that I'm not that desperate to buy, so if he wants to sell them, he's going to have to give me a killer deal. As for the 30-140 set, I might also try to go tonight.


Man, if you're financially secure I would just do it. Deals like that do not come around often. I'm starting my own personal training business and am barely breaking even right now and I would jump all over that if given the oppertunity. I think it's that much of a deal. In the end though man, it's your decision. Good luck either way.


Thanks man and good luck with getting everything set up in your gym. You'll definitely have to keep me in the loop about how it turns out. I'd love to come check it out if I'm ever in H town.

Good luck with finding everything you need.


Buy both sets and sell the 5-90 set for an easy $1000, effectively lowering the cost of your 40-140 set to 1250 or less.

I can see your hesitation and understand why you feel you should be investing this extra cash into your business...however, is there anything your business needs right now that you'd spend $1500 on? If not, and this cash would be idle otherwise, there really is no reason NOT to buy the dumbbells.


I like your reasoning Lanky.

I just bought a gang load of stuff for pennies on the dollar.

I bought all this dudes stuff and talked him down to $1800 for the lot (includes the 5-90# set): http://orangecounty.craigslist.org/spo/1698841103.html
Included in the deal:

3 300# olympic plate sets: 2 are regular 300# olympic plates, and one is a 300# set of rubber coated plates with handles (the colorful ones in on the bench)
3-90# DB set (found out it only goes by 10 pound increments after 40 pounds, but it does come with magnetic 2.5s that you can attach to the DB ends to make up for this which is pretty cool, I guess)
A plate loaded cable crossover, that is actually pretty smooth and comes with tons of attachments
2 adjustable benches, 1 is smaller and easier to move, 1 is larger with a leg curl/extension attachment (which I will sell for sure. probably keep the small one in case I do end up doing personal training, so I can throw it in the car)
A squat rack
A pullup, hanging ab raise, dip stand (probably sell this in favor of rafter mounted pullup bar and ropes, as well as a wall/stud mounted dip bar)
3 oly bars that are pretty good quality
preacher bench
fat bar (curl bar for the preacher)
2 EZ curl bars for the preacher (definitely selling one of these)
A bunch of cones and bar things to jump over
A bunch of misc. bar clamps and jump ropes and junk
I think there's some other stuff too. I could be forgetting.

In summary that's ~2,000 pounds of weight, 6 different bars, 2 different benches, a preacher curl, a cable cross over, a squat rack, a dip/pullup/ab station, and some other shit for $1,800

I also picked up a flex tricep press bench for $50 (retails for $450) http://www.quickgit.com/offerings.php?offid=66 I woulda grabbed the other one to sell but I could only fit one in my car. maybe on saturday I'll go back for the other one so I can sell it.

On Friday I'm going to check out the 30-140 DBs, as well as some of the other ish he has.

Tomorrow I'm picking up the farmers walk handles http://asp.elitefts.com/qa/default.asp?qid=38980


Amazing find man. Looks like your going to have a great set up!


Likewise man, and if you or any other T-Nationer are ever down here ya'll are more than welcome to use the "facility". Be easy bro.