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Used Clomid, Libido Gone, Help

Hello I’m new here, and I just came here hoping to find some information. Maybe someone here as experienced the same thing I have and can share some advice.

I’m 38 years, have been doing trt and hcg for awhile.

Back when I was younger I use to mess around with pro hormones but they never seemed to effect me negatively anyway that was years again.

Recently my wife got on a baby kick. We tried and tried and nothing. So I had a semen analysis down and my sperm were affected.

So we went to a fertility doc and she prescribed me 50mg of clomid every other day. And 1500 of hcg every 3 days.

So I stopped TRT.

When I first started the stuff, my libido was ridiculous. We were having sex like 3-4 times a day. Easy.

I was on the regiment for about 4 months and we were able to get pregnant.

But I started to notice that my drive was dying and the sensitivity in my penis was not there.

So I quit cold turkey.

First night I really seriously wanted to commit suicide. I was ridiculously jacked up.

My penis was limp, and I couldn’t think of sexual situations to save my life.

So I jump on the internet to look for answers.

The question is, this permanent.

At 38 my libido was still high. It’s always been extremely high.

I crank out one like 2-3 times a day and still can have sex with the wife.

Now… I can go forever without an orgasm and it’s really messing with me.

My dick has been my best friend all my life. Is it gone?

I can physically get an erection and I can climax. On my own. But it’s not like it use to be. It’s like I’m going through the motions.

When I see women I don’t get that shot of adrenaline in my heart or the spike in blood pressure down there.

What happened to me, will it come back?

My last use of clomid was dec 19. So it’s been two weeks.

My blood test will be in on Monday.

And I’ve gone back to trt and hcg along with anastzole twice a week.

The question I can’t find an answer to is, will this go away.

Everyone that starts thread like this never answer that question and they never return with updates.
Could someone give insight and help?

It’s not a mental thing cause this all happened after I stopped Clomid.

Like like my libido drove off a cliff and fell straight down.

Thanks for any information.

Were you on anastrazole before? Give some timelines here with dates as its tough to follow. You might just be fully crashed with T and E2 in the tank. Most likely just need time to adjust to your new protocol, not sure why you stopped TBH. You don’t need the AI and just adds complexity to the situation.

This is a familiar story. Guys stop TRT and go on fertility drugs and feel like death as a result. It’s a tough choice to make.

Did you try to get pregnant just on TRT while adding HCG or HMG to the mix? I’d do that first, and if it didn’t work, try something else

You stopped taking the thing that was working as a stand-in for testosterone and now you don’t feel well. Just a wild guess here but maybe it’s because you’re not taking the Clomid anymore.

Is it permanent? Probably not, no. Years of messing with your endocrine system probably have some consequences, but the body is resilient. Get blood work done after the Clomid has cleared and see where your hormone levels are. Reality is that you’re going to be on either trt or a SERM monotherapy the rest of your life. Or I guess have low t forever, but why do that when alternatives exist?

Stop HCG and AI. Take T only and get back to baseline. Then in 3 months cycle the HCG back in, and no AI. libido should creep back in and never just stop things cold turkey. Thats how you end up fouling your plugs buddy.

Serotonin too high.

Can you please explain about this interesting situation with high serotonin? Thanks.

Possible, idk yet but I serotonin is connected to your sleep cycle and I sleep fine. Does that mean anything?

Yeah I tried to taper off but it was just getting extreme. I panicked and just quit it. Afraid I was doing damage.

I stopped taking clomid cause I felt my libido slipping. It also made me wanna commit suicide, which is something I never think or thought of.

My libido was dying from it already. I got off to hopefully reverse what it was doing.

I was already on TRT HCG for 5 years before this.

I’d do a few months and come off and recover, and never had this issue.

I don’t think it’s mental cause I can pin point the day and time my junk just stopped working in the middle of a session with my wife.

Never did that.

The only thing that was foreign to my body was clomid. No other supplements were being used.

I did but after a year it wasn’t working. The culprit was my VA doctor set me up on pain management for 4 years. I was on 15mg of hydrocodone a day for 4 years. My prolactin was through the roof.

Fertility doc said this would work so I did it. It did work, but at a price it seems.

Yes so this is what happened. I had been on TRT hcg anyway and had a kid.

Thing is I screwed my back up and my doc prescribed me hydrocodone 3 times a day at 5mg for about 4 years.

Well I was trying to have another kid and my sperm was no existent after a semen analysis. Do to high prolactin from the hydrocodone.

So the fertility doctor told me it probably was the TRT, and to stop it and she gave me clomid, at 50mg EOD and 2500iu HCG E3D. For 3 months. I also stopped hydrocodone

I felt amazing when I started. The around month 3 things started to feel off.

We happen to actually get pregnant, cause the protocol got me fertile again.

I wanted to come off but the dr. Told me to stay on for one more month to make sure the pregnancy stuck.

So I was using clomid from sept till December.

On dec 19 I took my last pill and started trt and hcg again. In hopes that I could get back to normal.

But by month 4 my libido was in bad shape. That’s the reason I quit clomid.

So I’m about 3 weeks back into trt. And 2 weeks off clomid.

I just don’t want this to be permanent.

Had it not been for my wife wanting to get pregnant i would’ve never touched the stuff. I felt fine and my libido was fine.

I have 2 kids already so it wasn’t a big deal to me. But I wanted to make her happy. So I went with the process.

That’s what happened in a nut shell.

I did bloods last Monday and I get the results this Monday.

I’m praying for off number cause that’ll give me a direction to go in. And an explanation.

What is the deal with people coming here looking for help and then not giving an accurate history? I’m not picking on you, you’re just the most recent example. But guys seem to really enjoy telling like 1/3 of the story and then sloooooowly trickling out the rest of the relevant information over the course of their next four or five posts. It’s just fascinating.


Same thing happens during a drs visit… Expecting dr to treat you accurately when they don’t know everything…

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There are other routes to fertility, with and without continuing testosterone. Given the one you took, your experience is typical and actually, expected. Once you get back to taking testosterone, you should have every expectation of feeling as you did.

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Very true.

When guys show up for their initial visit and their wife/fiancée/girlfriend is with them, I know I’m going to know everything…

What was it, out of curiosity? I am on MAT now for opiates & never bothered to get my PRL checked

A blessed New Year to All;
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My prolactin was at 30. Needs to be below 25.

It didn’t really screw me up. I just produced no sperm.

Cause I’m telling you what I’m experiencing. As you ask questions, I answer them. That’s how conversations work. No one coming into a conversation saying everything you wanna hear without you engaging them.

Point being, regardless of the those 4 5 years my libido was fine.

Even with prolactin being high.

Clomid is the issue. Why you need to know what I did five years ago, idk. Especially if I had no issues up until I started clomid.

Clomid is the issue, clomid is the reason I came here.