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Used 5/3/1 to Hit 3x226 for Axle Press: Thanks Jim

I figure there can always be more good publicity for 5/3/1.

I blew out my ACL in Oct of 2015 in a strongman competition. Got surgery in Nov, and decided to go back to something basic during my healing. Used 5/3/1 for my bench and press. I had to use a seated chain suspended press, because I couldn’t support weight on the knee. Could manage 4x195 using a Rogue axle (still had to strongman it up).

I was operating off of Beyond 5/3/1 and some of the things Jim had said here, but wasn’t a member of his private forum. Wasn’t privy to the 7 week protocol at the time, so was just using 5 forward/3 back, but that did a great job of keeping me from stalling. I stuck with the traditional 5/3/1 reps and sets along with FSL for an AMRAP set at the end of most training days, barring a brief foray into Buildnig the Monolith.

Assistance work varied as I went. I ran the upper body parts of Building the Monolith at one point to break up monotony, and became a big fan of bodyweight dips in the 150-200 rep range. I can see why Jim is a big advocate of bodyweight work.

Today, on my 1s week, on a not particularly great day, I hit this set

My bench is also in lifetime PR territory these days, for the first time in like a decade.

A big thanks for Jim for putting out this program. I bought Forever 5/3/1, and have been thoroughly impressed as well. Just a solid, back to basics way to get brutally strong without a lot of nonsense.


Nice work!

Way to go!

This is GREAT to see. Very, very impressive pressing strength.

Get your knee healthy and be patient with the rehab - and come back slow/steady.

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Thanks Jim. It really means a lot. As much as it pained me, I listened to my surgeon and physical therapist and took it easy with the recovery. Things have been going well, and i can compete again, but I am trying to be much smarter this time.