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Use What You Got!

Was out of town on business and looked up and old O-lifting partner of mine. He’s married with kids, like me, except he’s stopped training. Completely.

We were talking and he mentioned that he had no time and didn’t have anything at the house to use. He DID have a couple of adjustable dumbbells and a lot of weight, plus a chin-bar the previous home owner had left.

We went in the basement and checked 'em out. You can get up to 110-pounds on these dumbbells. So I we worked out with them. Made it up as we went. He said he’s hooked. Here’s what we did:

DB Floor Press: 8 Reps x 3 Sets

  • Superset With -
    One-Hand DB Row (off-hand behind back): 8 x 3

Standing One-Hand DB Press: 10 x 3

  • Superset With -
    Weighted Chin-Up: 10 x 3

Standing DB (Triceps) Extension: 12 x 2

  • Superset With -
    Standing DB Curl: 12 x 2

We rested, ate, shot the shit and then did this:

One Hand DB Snach: 3 Reps x 8 Sets

Two Hands DB Clean + DB Front Squat
(2 Reps DB Clean + 8 Reps Front Squat): 3 Sets

Dumbbell Swings: 12 x 2

He’s done the same workouts a few times since. Says he’s loving it and feels better already.

amazing how simple it can be. nice story