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Use those tags!

Have you ever wondered why during the middle of
a long thread, out of nowhere, all the postings
start to appear in either “bold” or “italics?”
What happened…?!

Answer: Some bonehead made a finishing statement
in either “bold” or “italics,” but didn’t elect/remember
to use a closing HTML “/” tag. This simple mistake screws
up all the other postings that appear afterwards.

Use those “Tags” responsibly!!!


I hereby declare myself guilty. I did 2 yesterday. Ko fixed on (thanks), and I fixed the other. 1000 pardons…

Actually, Jeremy, it was I, who fixed your tag. And that remark at the beginning of Ko’s post was by me -and it wasn’t a knock to you at all! I’ve done the exact same thing with italics, too!

Cool…thanks again for fixing it.

Guy’z - Since we’re all coming clean, I also forgot to close a tag a
few days ago, myself. After seeing what I had done to the next
seven postings (DOAH…!!!), I quickly sent in a closing tag “/”
to repair the damage. That’s what prompted this thread.

The funny thing was that about 9 hours after I posted this very thread on "closing HTML tags," someone with the initials J.N. (not Jason) appeared like he was trying to make me look like a prophet by not closing tags on 2 different threads; go figure! (The above paragraph was not intended as a "flame.")

P.S. I wonder who bumped "bumbed" up this thread earlier...?

oops! :)