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Use the Search Engine!


Why dont people use the search engine properly or do any research? Many posts baffle me when all of the information has been talked about a million times and can be searched for with ease. Look at how many posts I have, I read this board all the time, check out my join date.



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Yea, that sounds about right. I am 27 and started doing research when I was 22 regarding steroids and at the time decided they were not right for me at that point in my lifting career. I picked up the research again when i was 26 and have decided that they are right for me at this point in my life. I made this decision through hours of research and testimonials from countless people who have posted their "first cycle" experiences etc.

At 22, I still had so much endogenous testosterone that even though I was lifting regularly I was not getting sore for days at a time after lifting a major muscle group. Now I sense a shift, I am staying more sore for longer periods of time. Strength has not dropped, just not recovering as fast. I believe I have hit or become close to my potential as far as my genetics and diet for puting on quality muscle at a rate that keeps me excited.

I believe that if you cannot speak intelligently about your cycle, what is happening to your body during your cycle you are not ready. Even the little "freak out" posts about soreness, redness, acne, and other common side effects have been discussed to great length. I don't want to sound like a post nazi, because obviously without these initial posts we would not have the database. However, when the same topic is brought up within the same week it is ridiculous.



It's a good point Craig. The archives of this board are a very valuable resource.


keep in mind there is a lot of conflicting info on aas on the web as well.... they figure who better to ask than first hand users that have used through trial and error on this forum. not to mention there could be new members that have joined since then that can add other interesting comments as well....after all it is a steroid forum...correct?


I've got to agree with this. Also sometimes a newb's "stupid" question ends up generating some extremely interesting discussions.

All I would suggest is that anyone who comes here at least reads the sticky at the top all the way through. There is still plenty that is not covered there. Hell, I've been studying for hours a day every day for months now, and I still feel there is plenty I don't know.

As far as the OP is concerned, I do agree, however, that folks should not be coming here expecting to be spoonfed. As someone said in a previous post, ignorance is one thing, laziness is quite another.


The irony of this thread is that there are several recent threads in the Steroids forum alone that dwell on this very same topic - gripes about people who ask fundamental questions without searching and lurking a while first.

Even the original poster wasn't aware that this is well-plowed ground. There's karma lurking here - somewhere.


This is the type of thread that needs to constantly be posted as a reminder because those who don't use the search engine are those who rarely read any of the posts either. Maybe if it is posted 1 time a week, 1 newbie will read it and it will help. Please look up the definition of kharma before you use it to insult.


I have to agree, but also have to point out that we could disable the ability to post or reply as everything has been stated before.

Some times it is just as important to guide someone when there understanding is not quite right.


Let's see...

[i][b]Karma[/b] (redirected from Kharma) is the concept of "action" or "deed" in Indian religions understood as denoting the entire cycle of cause and effect described in Hindu, Jain, Sikh and Buddhist philosophies...

...the tenet of the law of karma is essentially "if you do good things, good things will happen to you [and] if you do bad things, bad things will happen to you,"...[/i]

(Source: Wikipedia)

So, the karma reference was alluding to "what goes around comes around"; in a way, you're kind of doing the same thing you're complaining about, and so you're sort of opening yourself up to being criticized on the same account. It wasn't an insult.

My point was simply that I read a lot in these T-Mag forums, and there seems to be almost as many threads of vets criticizing newbies who post without researching as there are newbies who post without researching! I find it ironic that those who participate in the bashing of newbies for posting stuff that's been answered a million times before continue do so in light of the fact that these criticisms have been leveled a million times before!

I'm not entirely in disagreement with the idea that it is bad for one-post wonders to come here and ask for a spoon feeding their first time out. It's tremendously frustrating to knowledgeable and frequent posters and is a waste of time to read. But slamming newbies has become blood sport here. The slash-and-burn commentary and indignation gets pretty extreme and runs counter to the dignity (such as it is) that is normally desired on this board.