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Use the body...

So I’m wondering. If you are like me and you’ve made a major ‘transformation’, you’re getting a lot of attention now and it feels great.
It’s even been suggested to me now that I should try to be a ‘model’ or ‘actor’. At first I scoffed, but then I thought, ‘well, if that little street rat vin diesel can do it, anybody can…’
So, have any of you thought about this? Do any of you have contacts in the business you want to share?
Have you thought about using your new sculpted body to make some bucks?

Well, it’s different between men and women in this department (even hideous women can make money on their backs). I’ve never lacked for male attention, even at my most out-of-shape condition, but it has definitely increased since I’ve begun correcting that. I’ve had offers from “scouts” to do print ads and commercials but have never thought them to be legit enough to bother checking into. I did do a bit part in an independent film though (as a favor for a friend, don’t even know what the name of the film was or any of the details of it, supposedly was shown at Cannes). As far as making money…my guy friends are always giving me grief about starting some sort of webcam thing or selling pics. I figure it’s just guys being guys trying to see a new piece of ass though, not that I’m some Cindy Margoles (sp?) in the making. But hey, if I can make some money or get cool stuff for free because of how I look - I’m all for that!

Move to LA. Try to get an agent. Realize you are one of thousands similarly situated. Starve.

Karma - I hear ya. I’ve always known that it is this way for women. As for your friends with the web-cam dealy, yeah, that goes both ways as well, it’s like you wonder how many of your ‘friends’ just wanna check you out for themselves. A freebie at that too!
As for your part in an Indy movie…If you live anywhere near Seattle you might know a friend of mine. He’s always making Indy films and some show at Cannes.
Maybe you and I should start our own spinoff web-site?!? T-Mag Man and Vixen bare all (almost).

HHH: I’m in Denver, but I grew up sort of near Seattle (Tacoma/Federal Way area and then Allyn). And yeah, I know my guy friends just want to see the goods for free and at their convenience. Most of them have already seen me strip to one degree or another and the boat crew usually get the full show. I am not exactly a modest or shy person and when the good times and drinks are flowing, I tend to get even more uninhibited. Boat outings usually end up being semi-nude, floating parties and when we all head to the dance clubs…well, suffice it to say that drawers drop as often as not.

As for a spin-off web site…it wouldn’t be necessary if that sort of thing were allowed here, where I would think it belongs. I’ve not tried to submit any photos so I can’t say if the mods would censor things or not but the photo gallery seems to be geared more toward the hardass bodybuilding/competition types or those looking for critiques on their progress instead of geared toward celebrating the beauty of the human body through artistic nudes/semi-nudes. Posting a pic where the obvious intention is to both show results and also to provide some level of eye-candy next to a physique like Jodi’s or Patricia’s contest photos would be rather incongruous. But perhaps it just hasn’t been done yet and all that’s stopping this melding of entertainment, work and art is someone willing to be the first penguin off the berg (and yes, I know the sharks are circling).

Karma -
Yup, even guys like me get hit with the, ‘show us your abs!’ line at the bar these days. What is this world coming to?

I’m not sure how to post photos here or I’d post a couple, not cause I’m a hardass bodybuilder - not cause I’m looking for comments on my improvements, but rather, just because.

Tell you what, I’ll show you mine if you show me yours…pics that is.
We’ll be t-mag innovators.

Well, you’re right about one thing. If Vin Diesel can do it, anyone can. It’s ALL about hype.

That said, why not dip your toes in the water? I’ve done a (very) small amount of modeling in the past, mostly for friends, and although what I did was generally free, if you can make some money off it why not do so? It’s easy, it’s fun and you can even make the argument that you’re being a good role-model for society. I say go for it.

And yes, you should both post pics on the photo forum. :slight_smile:

You know what Vin Diesel did that essentially propelled him into the limelight? He wrote, directed and starred in his own independent movie that was shown at the Sundance Film Festival. It was called “Multi-Facial”. So, Vin Diesel ain’t just a walking short of substance, body. He can actually perform the work of director, producer and writer. Quite well, too. Vin Diesel a “street rat”? I think not. I’d call him “talented”, “ambitious”, “hard working”.

Any chick who touches a weight can be labeled "fitness model". And find work. Look in the back of any local paper - there are scores of listings for models. Some are rather "sketchy" (requiring "nudity"), some others mainstream. Anyone can get work in that field.

Have I gotten some work? Sure. But so has thousands of others. And some are making a living of it. I ain't. And it ain't my priority, too. For everytime I hear "you should model" I'm sure 15-other chicks have heard the same thing.

char-dawg: thanks for the encouragement. i agree, if given the opportunity, a real one, not some scam, i will do it. i think that any guy with a decent face, the right hair and a mid-section that won’t quit, has a chance. i’ve been wrong before though.
as for posting my pics, i’m taking new ones after my next cycle(2 weeks) - when those are taken you can explain to me how to post them here.

patricia - i’ve seen your pics and clearly you have much to be proud of. congrats to you and your sculpting abilities. i am no where near your level and will most likely never compete.
i did not know that diesel did the sundance thing and quite frankly that still doesn’t change my opinion of him. maybe the term “street rat” was a bit harsh, but i really don’t think he is ‘talented.’ again, that’s just my opinion, afterall this IS a public forum.