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Use of Steroids Among Asian Teens Increasing?


I just read an article on BBC. Sorry, didn't know where to post this. Figured this was the most relevant section!

The statement provided by the 28 year old... made me laugh.

This thread is going to turn into an Asian joke thread. haha


Maybe I'm missing the humor?



yeah me either, not sure whats so funny about the article.


I thought it was pretty funny. Some of the statement the asians make about steroids are pretty funny.

"If I don't train I get depressed, I don't feel as good. When I train I feel happy." -sounds like this guys needs some PCT lol.


I don't think the pic was a very good representation of what a steroid user looks like... more like what someone on a decent diet and training regimen could achieve... Maybe his roids are bunk?


i fail to see how this is funny as well,and how do they know what drugs are beingused from a needle exchange?
do they ask,or are they assuming things like the rest of the public?


Sorry, I was not stating the situation was humorous. It is interesting since I am Asian myself.

I was stating some of the quotes were funny like BigSweede stated.


I dunno, but my workout partner is Asian and is awaiting his plateau to start his first cycle and hes a god damn freak of nature. He works out over 7 times/wk and still gains like hes on steroids. He probably eats along the same cals as an olympic swimmer but still he pisses me off.



rough crowd lol


I had misread the post and thought i was opening an article that was going to be some sort of joke and expecting it to make me laugh then I got to the end and was like I think I missed the punchline maybe I'm missing it.



They ask.