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Use of Meltdown


There comes a time in every naturally fat guys life where he starts to slip and add the fat again… I’ve slipped quite a bit.

SO, I’ve used Meltdown Training I and II in the past and have gotten great results, but I just looked that the Meltdown prescription of exercises again, and not sure I can do 10 chins for 4 sets. I could possibly do 10 on the first one, but after that it’d dwindle.

Would it be better to do 5 reps, then tack on 5 more reps at the end? I MAY have use to a lat pulldown (and don’t have access nor like the gravitron things), but I really like chins and would much rather use them.

Any help would be great.


IF i had to choose between Fat to Fire and Meltdown, i’d go Fat to Fire… as I am doing Fat to Fire now. I do as many as I can, take a few seconds rest. Do another. Few seconds rest, bang another one out. Its not like you are being a sissy, you’re sweating your ass off while trying to get that one last rep. I just do it and keep trying until i barely move myself, which is around the 4th set out of six for Fat to Fire

Hey Lotus,

Have you tried both programs? Did Fat to Fire work better for you? I’m geting a little confused about the whole workout vs. cardio thing. It seems (and I may be wrong) that some of the coaches on here are saying that you should not train for fat loss, rather eat and use some sort of cardio.

In your opinion, how many sessions and what types of cardio would be safe w/o overtraining on this type of high volume program? 2 HIIT/HOC/Anerobic sessions coupled with 2-3 low intensity sessions (120ish bpm for 20-30 mins on the treadmill for instance)?


Hi Upstate Lifter,
I agree with you. Personally I would prefer at the 1st workout 4X5 chins (adding 1 rep in the the 1st and 2nd set at the 2nd workout, the 3rd workout will be a 4X6 and so on) than a 4x10 at the lat machine. I don’t like Gravitron as well.
Concerning fat loss programs, tomorrow I’m going to complete the 2nd week of EDT “Loose the fat keep the strength” (3Xweek). On Sundays I perform 30 minutes of interval sprints (cyclette).
EDT works well, certainly you don’t loose any muscle. Concerning nutrition I stopped eating bread and drinking wine. No sugar no cakes.

Fat to Fire seemed to fit what I was looking for better. I did and am currently doing the 3 days on Fat to Fire, and instead of doing the suggested cardio on the off days, I am doing 3 days of HIIT sprints. Working very well. I take the last day off and don’t move. Literally.

I do not believe that I am overtraining. My body recovers well, and I do not get any of the overtraining symptoms.

Okay Lucas…

Just did day 1 of Fat to Fire. HOW THE F*%K did you finish that hellacious workout?!? I mean, I think I can do it NEXT time, but shit! I know a lot it has to do that I’ve let myself fall obscenely out of shape, but I was only able to get 1 1/2 of the 6 rounds completed. The jumproping sucked also, but I can manage to get through that.

I’m going to re-start my Fat to Fire program (forget I even tried day 1), but do you think if I reduce the weights that it’ll be more achieveable? I’m already using 50% of my 1 RM’s that I just tested. Coach Davies did say that some people may need lower weight than that. Also, since I’m in Upstate NY and it’s snowing balls outside, do you think I could do my jumproping later in the day or something and do some other form of warm up (Work out in house and no way to jump rope in house)?

I feel like such a pussy… Why did I let myself fall this much out of shape?!?


Well if it makes you feel better I am in Rochester, NY so you’re in good company. I just dust off the outside of the apartment and jump there. Just wear shorts and a sweatshirt and take it off as you sweat to death. Jumping first thing in the morning does suck, and its suprising how long 3 minutes is.

First time I tried FtF i used way too high of weight. I could only do 3 sets of each before my lower back burned out. I did day 2 and my shoulders burned out.

I readjusted to roughly 40% 1RM. I basically had to do a trial week to really feel out where I was in respect to doing 6 sets. The last set if I have anything left I usually do a few more reps on each set.

I am not really that out of shape, and it bent me over. I think it worked better than Meltdown tho.

Just re-read your last post. I think its a real good idea to jump rope before the routine. On the off days I do HIIT in the AM and jump rope of GPP in the PM.

But no, i would do it all at once on lifting days.

What type of HIIT do you do? I’m hoping to god you don’t say, “Well, I’m used to the cold… I just sprint on the street.” I HATE THE COLD!

BTW, I was in Rochester for New Years Eve… Slammin Party at one of the bars down there… Prepps?


Hi Upstate Lifter,
Davies wrote that is possible to readjust the percentage (so try 40 or even 30 %). He said that what really counts is the cumulative effect.
The interval sprints I perform only on sundays consist of:
Cyclette at home:
I started with 3 minutes warm up, 30 sec sprint, 1 minute normal speed (repeat other 4 times), 3 minutes cool down.
Next time add 1 sprint.
At the end it will be 30 minutes total time with 8 or 10 sprints.
Because Fat to Fast is very tasking (you have also GPP days, the rope etc.)
limit the anaerobic cardio to one per week.

No, no running in the street. Just farmer walks and jump rope.

HIIT consists of 2 lap (1/4 mile) warm up. Stretch. Practice sprint for more stretching.

Every week I up it but this week is 5 sprints (55meters down. stop. 55 meters back) takes around 35 seconds. Rest until the cumulative times reaches 2 minutes and repeat as a set.

And on a side not the really short fat and bald bouncer at Prepps was a hooker for our Rugby team