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Use of Lifting Belt


I find using a personal belt in the gym very useful, NOT to support my lower back when doing heavy lifts, but to keep me well informed about eventually gains or loss in the middle section of my body. I have made extra holes in the belt, totally 15, and with 1 inch distance between them.

I can remember my excessive bulkiness when being on the third hole and how over-dieted I was when being on the thirteenth. Right now after Christmas and new years celebrations I observe that the tenth hole being very tight, so I guess its time to go easy on carbs for a couple of weeks...


I wanted to give a serious reply in how retarded it is to wear a belt for a reason that you don't need a belt (hello, measuring tape?)....then it hit me...your name is fucking "Mr. Troll".

So nevermind.


Don't you have a belt to hold your trousers up?


Of course I need the belt, to give me information about my waist development. Measuring tape works as well, but the direct feed-back I get from the belt, (together with what I see in the mirror!) gives me a stronger motivation to take action when needed.

Yeah, I guess my name works against me, but I am serious as always...


I have lots of them, but the information from the lifting belt works better for me. When putting on the belt in the gym I am in the mood to focus on what has happened to my body since last training, so this little ritual have been quite important to interpret what's going on in my body. I also notice how the tightness of the belt changes throughout the workout, so based on this information I can make good predictions on how much water I loose through the workout(Normally between 2-5 lb, after weighing myself at home PW).


I had a belt like that once and felt the same. It was especially nice when I had to start punching extra holes in it.

Yeah, a measuring tape works just as well, but unless you are going to constantly measure yourself while lifting, its not of any use motivating while lifting.


Who the fuck gives a flying shit about how much water they lose during training (How the hell would you gauge that by waist measurement anyways....hello scale?), and how is wearing a belt going to tell "what happened to your body since last training"?

Either you're a inexperienced guy that is majoring in pointless shit and wasting time and effort, or you're a troll wasting time and trying to waste other people's time for no apparent reason other than a lack of a fucking life. So my advice to you is either to stop sweating the small stuff, or fuck off, depending on which category you fall under. Either way, there's no reason to continue this thread.