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Use of L-Arginie

L-Arginine is supposed to improve gains when training hard and eating properly. How much should one take per day and how should it be divided throughout the day? Thanks.

It doesn’t work. 20 years ago I took 30 grams at night on an empty stomach as this was the dosage required to achieve the supposed effect. No muscle or strength gains resulted but occasional diarhea did.

A few years ago I once again tried the DURK PEARSON formula and stayed on it for 8 months. This did not work, either.

Don’t waste your money on Arginine…or for that matter, any NATURAL supplement. THEY DON’T WORK.

What works? Take in plenty of good protein, train hard on the basic exercises and don’t work a bodypart more than twice per week. Also, over time, use various training methods. Thatis, strength training, bodybuilding, some powerlifting but don’t do too much and rest plenty.