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Use of IGF1 Lr3

All of the sudden there seems to be a great deal of suppliers offering IGF1. And I am hearing alot of good results from some of the ones that have used it. But I am haveing trouble trying to find out some informaiton on using it.

First of all, If I use GH doesn’t GH increase IGF1 levels anyway? So should I only use one and not the other? I have heard that they need to be used together, but on the other hand I heard that rHGH works primarily through conversion to IGF1.

I have noticed that IGF1 is only sold by the milligram. so If I used to use 6IU og rHGH a day, How much IGF1 should I use?

Along with what dose and at what intervals, how long should I use this drug to get satisfactory results? and can It be taken alone or should it be taken with HGH or any other steroids?

Don’t take it for more than 4 weeks. A begginer dose of 40 mcgs should be efficient (I wouldn’t go over 80…probably ever). After 4 weeks it stops working. It doesn’t HAVE to be used with gh. If you use it with slin lower your dose and be very careful. BTW I’d never use slin. It’s best used in conjunction with aas especially towards the end of cycle to help solidify gains ie. last week of a cycle then 3 weeks into pct. It’s not a well known compound and that makes it a larger risk than aas.If you need a link to give you WAAY more details PM me.