Use of EMOM 4 Rep Sets

Hey CT - Im interested if there might be a way to use your 4rep EMOM sets on CNS or heavy days and using isolation work on other days. Example:

Day 1

EMOM (upper / lower pairing) 4reps on the minute for 14-20 mins (squats 4 reps, rest, bench 4 reps, rest, repeat)

Day 2 - double stimulation work for muscles worked in Day 1

Day 3 - rest day or conditioning/cardio

Day 4 - EMOM (upper / lower pairing) 4 reps on the min for 14-20 mins (overhead press 4 reps, rest, deadlift 4 reps, rest, repeat)

Day 5 - double stimulation work for muscles worked on Day 4

Day 6 - rest day or cardio/conditioning

Would love to get thoughts on this.

I would probably work. I would be careful with the amount of volume on the pump days. The goal being to achieve maximum pump with the lowest volume possible to avoid glycogen depletion.

CT - thank you. I would keep it to no more than 2 exercises per muscle group using 2 sets and trying to go to failure with light weight. For example:

Dbl Flyes or Cable Crossovers 2 sets to failure
Medicine Ball Push Ups 2 sets to failure
Tricep Pushdowns 2 sets to failure
Bench Dips 2 sets to failure
Leg Exts 2 sets to failure
Leg Curls 2 sets to failure

Actually I would do 1 set not to failure, to get blood into the muscle and select the proper weight; then one set to failure or beyond using one of these methods:

6-8-10 drop set (see one of my recent article “Drop Blocks”)
Double rest/pause (about 8 reps/rest 10 sec/max reps/rest10 sec/max reps)
Full + partial reps (8-10 full reps to failure + maximum partial reps)
Full reps + isometric hold at max tension point (8-10 reps to failure then isometric for max time)


I’ve been doing EMOM (AM session)

Power snatch and bench press

Chins and Squats

In the same session…To much?

I’m following on-off-on-off in terms of frequency, often training lighter BB style stuff _ sled work for 20-30 minutes in the evening. Muay Thai training on’off days’ - sparring 1 session in the evening, 2 sessions if light technique bag work…

Other weight days I’m doing carries in one session, circuits (like in your recent article) in another,

I’m eating 200-300g of carbs a day, am 180lbs with visible abs. Been following this plan for 5 weeks and feel good (and have hardened up a fair bit).

Just a little thank you from yours truly - REALLY enjoying my training, have great energy and feel good generally


Well on paper it looks like way too much… mostly because of your other activities… but if you are progressing and have plenty of energy then you might have the natural recovery capacities to handle it. I would deload every 5th or 6th week to be safe… on that deload week only use 1 EMOM pairing and drop all bodybuilding work (for a week).

Better be safe than sorry

Thanks Coach
I’ll certainly heed your advice.
I actually had a forced deload previously - 5 days working at a school in Phenom Phen. Middle of nowhere, no gym. Plenty of food (rice, organic meat, fish and vegetables) walking (building a new faculty) and early nights, plenty of fun and training+Muay Thai very far from my thoughts. Drank a few beers every night and didn’t stress. Came back really strong, motivated and refreshed.

Thanks CT. I’ll be sure to incorporate those tips on the pump days. One more question - how long can I run a program/routine like this? 8-12 weeks maybe?

I think this routine might help me to lean out more while maintaining and growing muscle size. I’m hoping the conditioning work will also up my work capacity. Thanks for the advice.