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Use of Cypionate During a Diet?

Im aware that cypionate is generally used for bulking and not cutting. However in South Africa (where i stay) the product is very cheap in comparison to Anantate and Prop…

My question is, could I run cypionate at 400mg/week with Winny 40mg/day during a dieting phase and lose bodyfat? My diet is clean, low carb etc. And i bodybuild recreationally, not pro.

Im also concerned about estrogen fat stores.

As i said, i am aware that its not used for cutting, but thought it would be worth investigating…


It can be used for cutting. Low carb, low sodium and overall training and calorie intake will be much more important than the ester of test you use.

i am cutting right now and aside from water weight caused by the cyp its great.

I have successfully cut using 600mgs a week of cyp.
I did low carbs throughout the day and 100 grams carbs after workout. Drank a ton of water. and took HOT-ROX. oh ya and 20-30 minutes cardio -5 times a week.

So basically act like your cutting and everything will workout.

Any steroid can be used for cutting or precontest. If you elect to use test add an anti-estrogen for sure. Not just for the gyno but it will inhibit some water retention. The only difference between the “bulking” and “cutting” drugs are that the bulking drugs are those which cause water retention.

This has nothing to do with BF. The effects you get from a cycle of cyp will more have to do with your diet. IF you eat clean you will get into really good condition with cyp. If you are doing a contest you would probably need to cut the cyp 3-4 weeks out. I would then switch to something like halotestin or fina for the last few weeks in order to harden up a bit more.

^^^ As joe stated you can cutting on any aas. Cutting is your diet & cardio.

Total agreement. There really aren’t bulking or cutting products per se. Diet is key. You put someone on prop, mast and tren and feed them at mcdonalds all day and they will not cut up. Equally true you get someone of the right low carb diet and feed them test and dbol all day they will cut up.

I love it when truth shows up. You guys are great.