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Use of Clomid

I’ve been doing my first, light Sustanon 250 / Deca cycle for six weeks now. During this time I’ve used Novaldex because that’s all I could get, and as a mid-40s bodybuilder I’m scared as all hell of aromatisation (spelling - I’m English!). The T-mag site has been very clear in its preference for Clomid over Novaldex. I believe that I may now have succeeded in obtaining some Clomid, but all the guys I speak to locally sneer and tell me that I’m wasting my money. Furthermore, the Anabolic Reference Guide says that Clomid is not useful as an anti-estrogen because you can’t take it long term - but it doesn’t say why (or what it believes constitutes long-term). I certainly intend to use the Clomid at the (imminent) end of this cycle, but would appreciate some feedback about the ARG comments about the long term use of this drug ready for my next cycle in a couple of months time. Anybody (esp Bill / Brock) got any comments about that?

The World Anabolic Review is mistaken in its statement about long term Clomid use, being confused by the fact that when used as a fertility drug for women, obviously there is such a thing as the menstrual cycle and there is no point in taking it for more than 2 weeks out of that cycle. It is not because it is unsafe to take for longer: when used for male fertility it has been studied and found generally safe for a year at a time.