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Use of BPC157 and TB500

Hi everyone,
I have many, many, many connective tissue injuries. I have Bac water, BPC157 and TB500 on hand.

  1. Do these have to be injected near all 6 of my injuries?
  2. Can I inject them in my abdominal adipose and hope they go systemic?
  3. Should I just choose 2 injuries and focus on those 2 for spot injections?
  4. How much and how often of each?
    Any help is appreciated,

First of all, I hope you know that they both have very different injection timing. BPC is typically twice a day and TB is twice per week, I think. So, dont try to mix them in the same shot. Secondly, they are systemic but most of us try to inject at or near the pain.

Thanks Stud,
Yes I injected 2.5ish units bpc into my arthritic AC joint this morning. Then I injected 4mg tb into the same deltoid.

I plan to just focus on the AC joint first then the achilles next. Unless you have some other ideas. I really appreciate you responding.

Sounds like a plan. You see relief in other areas but if your supply is limited, I would do what you are doing.

I used BPC after my last rotator cuff surgery. It seemed to help with healing, of course I was also on GH and Test! LOL

I ruptured my patellar tendon and had surgery 7 months ago. I am on a therapeutic dose of deca and test cyp. I am hoping I can recover enough to get back to the things I used to enjoy.

Tried using BPC-157 a month ago. After the first 3 days, (6 shots), I noticed my eyes started “weeping” constantly and vision was off. I stopped and after about 2 days, back to normal.

Coincidece? Immune response?