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Use of AI, anyone with positive results

I was injecting 160mg cyp 40mg propenate injections twice a week, divided in two doses, and also 250iu hcg twice a week. My results after two days of my last injections were:
TT: 1350
FT: 30
E2: 48
SHBG: 37
High strogen made my erections worst, despite having high TT and high FT. When I was on 160mg cyp/prop once shot a week my E2 was 28, my FT was 6.0 and my TT was 400, after 7 days of my last shot, and my erections were better.The " doctor" precribed me 0.25 anastrazole twice a week with the 200mg test. On the anastrazole my erections were stronger than ever, but I got scared reading lots of people saying that anastrazole is the devil, so I decided to lower my test dose and dump the anastrazole. Now my erections got worsed.
Anyone out there having positive results with Anastrazole for a long time?. I’m afraid of lowering my E2 too low

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