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Use for LAX Ball?


I've seen in recent posts the use of LAX balls as a form of prehab/rehab. I've tried the search criteria unsuccessfully. What do lifters do with them?


They are used for self myofascial release. Meaning they are used as a self massage for sore muscles or even ones that are tight (eg. Iliotibial Band that is often tight in lifters and athletes). In fact I just used that on my chest after being sore for 2 days now and feels great to releasing tension.


Have a look there to start!

Edit: Lax balls can be used instead of foam rollers however, are extremely hard can hurt since there is less surface area which increases force to the area being applied to. Foam rollers are good due to you can work to things at once (eg. Hamstrings) and the force they produce (when body weight is on it) is less than lax balls and is more tolerable.



Thanks for the info and link. I've seen foam roller work but never saw it done with a LAX ball.


A tennis ball can be used as a softer variant.

Personally I use marshmallow peeps.


you can also use it on your calves and the bottom of your foot...


should I leave them on my counter for a few weeks like my sister does? :slightly_smiling: