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Use by Date...


im planing my next cycle and i have enough left over adex for it but the problem is that its used by date is next month and i want to start a 10wk cycle mid this month...should i risk it or buy some new AI?


buy some new AI..

the cost of gyno far exceeds the cost of adex.


I've read of people increasing their dosage, or even doubling it depending on far past the chem is from its expiration date...


Okay, so i am just saying.........

i dated a doctor who laughed at me when we had a discussion about outdated drugs.
Basically there would be some form of degradation to the quality of the drug and its ingredients, but this would occur way way way past the expiration date and it would not be an immediate decline in potency. She said dates are set primarily to encourage ordering new amounts, thus more money spent on the drug.

Its not chicken in a fridge that turns bad overnight......

Hey, this is a direct quote!


Agreed. Although i get the feeling that the Op is using iquid research chemical. That changes things depending on what liquid was used. And i dont know the details on that stuff


im using a reaserch chemical... so i guess sort of the same thing as liquid...


different research chems use different liquids to reconstitute the drug,some of which very quickly degrades it.
theres no way of knowing what is in the mix or how effective it is.
not saying do not use them, as I still do from time to time but there is just no way of knowing how good until you go to use it.