Use 70% Training Max? Adjust Plan After Difficult Workout?

Hey everyone. I have some questions and could use some help thinking through some of the thoughts in my head. First things first a few things. I’m a 36 year old male and lift for enjoyment and mental health. I know I’m not an athlete and not trying to be. With that said, some back story. I’ve been doing 5/3/1 for sometime now. I was on my third cycle of 1000% awesome and love it. The issue came that I had a colonoscopy on Thursday. I knew my training schedule would have to be flexible so I trained on Tuesday and figured finish the week on Friday and Sunday. The procedure went well but it was mentioned that I had a small a hernia. I decided today to get back into my groove and start a new cycle. With that I have some questions.

A while back I heard Jim talking about TM and he had mentioned on, I believe it was the power project, that he said he was finding the best results were in a 70% training max. This got me thinking would trying some of the templates at 70% be worth while or even safer with the small hernia or to stay the course? As a side note I have no pain or would have known I had anything like a hernia if I didn’t go through the procedure.

The next question is today I repeated the week that I had didn’t finish. I struggled with the workout. I am down 5-6 lbs since last time but figuring that it was only a week I should be able to still hammer out the workout with ease. Should I readjust my TM’s or run the cycle and see if its just a bad workout?

1)TM is not important. I mean, it is important for planning and training, but the idea is that its not important if you drop the TM - your progress doesnt change as you will just be doing more reps with lower TM, but the same intensity is there so its more of a personal prefference. Jim started with 90% TM, then got to 85%, then 80% by the time of Forever. Now hes at 70%. The truth might be in the middle, but it wont matter much - so just do whatever you feel enjoyable.
I wouldnt like 70% TM as that would mean that my 85% and 90% weeks would be at least 10+ reps and i really dont like doing deadlifts and squats for high reps. Some people like that, so again - doesnt matter, do whatever you enjoy.

2)Just rest, eat, drink lots of water. Then test your TM like it says in the Forever book, and start all new.


Thanks for the advice. I’m going to do the PR test this week and see where I stand and if I want to drop to a lower TM percentage