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So i just got accepted as a transfer student at u. of southern cal. Anyone here familiar with the area? I need a headstart on finding an apartment…any help would be appreciated.

Also, hows the student gym there? Any other good gyms in the area worth laying down some $$ for?

Good places to go food shopping?


up to the top for some help…

Not that I can help, but just curious about what’s your studying up there.

got accepted as an english major, but i will be changing that asap…prob to either psychology or kiniesiology.

I’m not super familiar with the area – I lived in San Diego for a number of years and visited a time or two. What I do remember is that USC was a compound in the middle of the ghetto. It didn’t get the nickname “University of South Central” for nothing. With that in mind, I would look elsewhere for an apartment and drive in if you’re not going to be living in student housing on campus.

As for the gym, I don’t know anything about it, but a PAC-10 school with the football tradition of USC should have some decent facilities with lots of free weights.

Do you know which campus (I think there is five or six) you want to be closest to?

Congrats 3x ,as for a pad… Well ol’ Boston hit it on the head . It’s a great school but it’s very much in da hood, bring a bullet proof jacket… Just messin with you. If you have cash live by the beach an just drive it . If your low on cash live inland . As for places to shop an what not , you blink an shopping is on every corner. Hope that helps . If not you can hang out in East LA… lol …

yes, im already well aware of USC’s proximity to the hood:-). which is why i was asking for advice in the first place. ill have a car, but i worry about living too far away from campus and being on time to class and whatnot. i know traffic sucks in LA and living far away from campus could be reall annoying. even though its near the hood, im sure theres gotta be SOME area with some nice apts. that USC students live in?

Sabrina- im not really familiar with all the different campuses. is there a part of campus in which i would want to live near?

well anyway, still would like to know if the USC gym is any good or if there is another really good gym in the area…thanks.

Congrats, and I hope you find the info you need, but I just wanted to let you know that the Washington Huskies are going to kick USC’s ass when we play football this fall.

(I know, get a life, Mike…)

im actually an Ohio St. football fan to the death, so if yall beat USC then congrats…

but when you stroll into Columbus for our home opener under the lights, your gonna need a lot more than luck to pull out a W…:slight_smile: