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USC Weightroom



I'm going to try not to bloat this too much.

I was just wondering if someone here goes or is going to USC. I posted a while back as to whether I should go there or UCLA and I decided USC partly because of Xen Nova's witty and memorable "don't bRUIN your life" comment.

Move-in day is just a few days away and I want to know if someone can help me out with my future weight training endeavors. I'm a beginner and if someone can become a training partner that would be great. However, I know that many of you don't like to train with someone else so I'll settle for someone to just sort of tell me when would be the best time to go to the gym or weight room (i.e. when there aren't a lot of people to laugh at me), or if there are some off campus gyms that are good. Actually I don't even know where the weight room is, so if someone could tell me it would be great, too.

If anyone could be of help please respond and/or PM me.

Thanks in advance guys. Oh, and sorry if the subject made someone believe that this was about the football team or something. You guys could hijack the thread later if you like =)


What nobody at USC up at 3:00am? :wink:



Yeah I know I have a knack for posting right before I go to bed.

Thanks mods for putting this thread where it belongs even though now I had to search for it =P

Anyway I wasn't sure as to post in beginners because I didn't want to focus on that fact =/ I've been a member for a while and I'm really just out of shape but ready to put my learnin' to work so if someone still wants to help I'd appreciate it.

Thanks again guys.


Best time to hit the weight room (lyon center) is anytime before 4pm. till about 9pm its the a-typical bench and curl type (i refrain from saying frat boys but you know what i mean).

Luckily if you train T-Nation style, no one (except me and 2-3 other people) uses the power racks.

Everyone generally will stay out of your way if you have headphones on so utilize those... best bet is that if you plan on using a piece of equipment throw a towel over it.

I might be training downtown at gold's to avoid the crowd and so that I can use chalk.

But PM me and if i'm on campus whenever you want to train we'll see if we can work out some sort of arrangement.

FYI, there is an olympic lifting club on campus. If I have time between MMA, school & work I might join just to find out where they train :smiley: I'll keep you posted haha


You don't want to venture off campus at USC unless you know where you're going and can get there quickly.


I thought the USC weightroom was lacking a bit of the main equipment. Every time I went it was quite crowded with the typical skinny, machine lifters. They had a tendency to get in my way and interupting me with anoying questions. Maybe I was just in a bad mood? I was being worked like a dog teaching medical classes there for the Army ROTC, so thats the reason for the anoying questions.


6am is the best time to go. Theres like 4-5 other people there so its nice. For the most part, the USC gym sucks. Training at normal hours is tough because its so jam packed with people.

Xen will be the guy doing Dragon Flags.

The gym's called the "Lyon Center" and you should be able to find it pretty easily. Its next to the swimming pool which is next to the field where the football team practices.

Umm, it takes a little bit of getting used to probably becuase you havent seen a gym that crowded in your life, but just stick with it, and eventually you'll find your own groove where you can do your own thing no matter how many people are there.

Good luck.


Holy shit have you seen me??

I'm also the guy who attempted to do handstand pushups on the dip bars and BUSTED HIS ASS. (5am when they opened only me and two other people hah!)

But yes, venturing more than a block away from campus is not a good idea.

And I lived two streets away till 7th grade.


"Holy shit have you seen me??

I'm also the guy who attempted to do handstand pushups on the dip bars and BUSTED HIS ASS. (5am when they opened only me and two other people hah!)


I think we discussed it sometime last semester, but never managed to meet up on campus or anything.


Thanks a lot guys,

I appreciate the help =)

A question, though. I've heard/read that to lose fat you want to workout (cardio) with an empty stomach in the morning, and that after a workout one should eat carbs, protein, and very little fat.

Taking this into consideration, what would be that easiest way to bulk (not cut) and work out in the morning. I want to eat omelet/s for breakfast, but if I were to go to the weightroom at 6:00 AM, it seems rather difficult to fit it into my diet. What would you guys recommend? I really don't want to wake up at 5 AM to make breakfast, and if I were to, say, have Grow!, followed by workout, it would also seem weird to eat an omelet when I come back. The only other alternative I could think of is to eat oatmeal, but that's rather difficult for me.

Advice? Alternatives?

Thanks again guys