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USC Trojans


Who saw the USC and Oregon game Saturday Sept.24?
The first quarter SC struggled sooooo
bad against Oregon.
But USC came back to win 45-13!!!
I am going for the Trojans to win it all again this year.
Who do you favor in College Football?
I have no favorite in the NFL cuz L.A. has no team so I'm rooting for the Trojans!!


They're unstoppable.


Trojans all the way! Unstoppable!

I can't believe it, but UCLA actually looks real good this year. I'll be pumped if UCLA can finish in the top 25.


I had some essays to do so I only saw the first quarter and thought they lost for sure. USC for another win.


USC is not unbeatable. Shall we recall the Miami Hurricanes of '92? The Alabama Crimson Tide rolled in the Sugar Bowl. USC will lose to someone this year, and my bet is that Arizona State or Cal and possible even UCLA. USC has not played a team with a defense yet. Hawaii, Arkansas, and Oregon are not what anyone would consider defensive juggernauts, so it is still to be seen if they can beat a team that can at least give some resistance.


I'm a Texas Longhorn fan, and I feel USC will go down to Notre Dame.


I can't stand teams that just win all the time. Acutally, I seem to hate every team that isn't in the Big10. Go Badgers!!!! (yeah, yeah, fuck me, I know.) :wink:


Yes I think those two teams will give USC a good rough and tough game. But with the momentum is USC's favor the team probably goes into each game expecting to run over all other teams and that might be there downfall. But I don't see it happening. But we'll find out next week.

I just wish the BCS would die and have a real playoff like the sweet 16 and final four for basketball to determine whose really number 1. Last season there were 4 undefeated teams!The season before that USC got screwed!
You never know what might happen with the BCS and USC might just lose to the BCS


I hate the longhorns, but I agree with Notre Dame. If a loss will come it will be in this game. Coming off two TOUGH road games, then a patsy, and then have to get up for a game with ND. ND will have 2 weeks to prepare too.


USC always seems to start slow in games and then suddenly put up about a thousand points in the course of 2 minutes. I really don't see anyone beating them this year.

But, you never know. Of course they are at the top of everyone's shit list, so anyone who plays them will give them hell.


Saw Reggie Bush play while he was in high school (with Alex Smith) and that kid is super-human.

Pete Carrol has the monopoly on any kid coming out Southern Cali right now, and with the talent level that resides in this area it will be hard to keep USC out of National Championship conversations for a long time. Are they that good? You bet your ass.


Bush is the next Desmond Howard. Owns bitches in college, makes a good return man in the pros.


Washington State head coach Bill Doba on Reggie Bush:

"If you've got a linebacker covering him, you might as well start singing their fight song."

He's 6 feet tall, and 200lb's, so if he puts on a little more mass he'll be a premiere back like Tomlinson, Julius Jones, or Cadillac Williams. Granted, he is a little wiry right now to take NFL type beatings as an RB, but give the young man some time. Splitting time with another tailback at SC will keep him fresh and incredibly dangerous once he decides to go pro.


USC is playing Arizona tomorrow.
I'm going for SC. Some analysts think USC can and will lose to Arizona after last week's poor 1st quarter of play. I think they just aren't fans of SC.


Yeah..the 92 Hurricanes were thought to be unbeatable,as well as the Hurricane team that had all the future pros and went in and got beat by Ohio State..ohhh ohh and who can forget the 1983 Nebraska Cornhuskers..Turner Gill(top 5 quarterback in Nation) Tom Rathman,Roger Craig,Dave Rimington(won the Outland Trophy that year) Irving Fryer( future #1 pick in the NFL Draft...at wideout none the less for the option crazy Huskers) and of course Mike Rozier 2000 yard rusher and Heisman Trophy winner..they were thought to be the greatest college team EVER,untill they went into the Orange Bowl and met Miami..Osborne went for 2 and the rest is history. Damn Miami and the damn Orange Bowl..honestly..who gets to play for the National Title on their home field.


USC is extremely good to be sure, but I don't think they are as good as last year. All in all, I think they will be at the Rose Bowl - but its by no means a sure thing.

Texas looks solid - but then again, they always do. They have a tendency to "drop the ball" at some point every year - usually to Oklahoma.

I am a VA Tech fan myself. I think the Hokies look incredible this year. Vick the Younger makes amazingly good decisions and amazingly precise throws for a college QB. Is he as "magical" as his older brother? No... but he's fast, accurrate (moreso than Michael), and doesn't shoot the team in the foot. With the strong defense Tech has, I think we have a chance of going all the way - but Texas or USC needs to lose first. Personally I'd like to see Texas get knocked off - I think VA Tech - USC would be a very interesting game. Not that VA Tech - Texas would be bad.. its just that to me, VA Tech and Texas seem an awful lot alike.


Well, as usual it seems that no one in the PAC-10 plays defense for the full 60 minutes. ASU gave up over 190 yards on the ground, and you can't win giving up over 10 yards a carry to one guy.

Notre Dame SC is in two weeks, and I think it will be a good game. Giving Charlie Weiss two weeks to prepare could prove to be a very very bad thing for the Trojans.

Looking at the National picture as it stands now there are three or four teams that have a legit shot at making the championship game. Texas, USC, Virginia Tech, and Alabama. VA Tech and Alabama have extremely fast and agressive defenses, and their offenses are solid as they both run the ball well. Texas is very explosive with Vince Young at QB, but the defense looks to be a bit suspect in pass defense and the run seems to be fairly effective early in games.

SC is not as good as everyone is making them to be. Their defense is struggling to stop teams, and the offense takes some time to get in gear although that seems to be the case in the last two weeks primarily.

I don't like USC at all, and I really think they will lose at least once, if not twice. UCLA, NOTRE DAME, and CAL will get their chances and it should be quite interesting.


More like ASU gave up nearly 400 yards on the ground and gave up over 10 yards per carry to two guys, well not actually. White over 10 and Bush just a shade under 10 per carry.

USC has a great defense. You have to take into consideration that ASU has the 4th best passing offense in the NCAA and USC's secondary is banged up. They are playing inexperienced DB's out there. Given a few weeks these inexperienced defensive backs will be real good. Not only because they are coached well, but because USC recruits only the best of the best high school players.

USC will not lose until next season...I hope!

Kir Dog


For the second straight weeek USC started slow in the first half only to come back in the second half to score 35 points.
They have a new record that has not been broken for 70 years. USC is on a 26 game winning streak.
What's up with SC's first half play?


As a current trojan I'll let you know what happens at most games... most specifically the ASU one.

During half time Pete "3-Pete" Carrol brought in some of those bomb ass ASU girls and told the team, "I'm not letting you touch any of this ASU pussy unless you win".

Subsequently they came back to win, and both Lyndale and Reggie rushed for more than 100 yards.

Fight On,

Xen Nova