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USC Trojans vs. Texas Longhorns


When USC face Texas at the Rose Bowl who do you favor and want to win?
I am favoring Texas to win but I want USC to win. USC had somevery close games and their defense is weak compared to Texas. Texas has a great defense. Both teams have a great offense but USC's defense could lose the game and Texas could win.


I think this game is going to come down to controlling the line of scrimmage. If USC's o-line can block Texas's exellent d-line then I think USC will take the game. Vince Young has never played against a defense with USC's kind of speed, so I don't see him controlling the game like he did in last years rose bowl. Either way, this is looking to be a much better match-up than last years championship game.


USC has no defense. They have won their games on offense. Defense wins championships. Texas has an excellent defense.

SoCal has only played on really good team - Notre Dame. The Pac-10 is as weak a conference as you can have and still be a BCS conference. They have never been really tested this year, but have been behind in several games. Not a good habit to get into when you have no defense.

Texas wins 38-24


Did ANY of you guys think that Texas and USC would spank their opponents as badly as they did? (Colorado and UCLA?)

The Texas game was especially difficult to watch as Colorado was behind 60 something to 3 with half of the THIRD quarter left.



I loved the Big 12 game. In their last 8 quarters of football, Colorado has been outscored 100-6. Serves 'em right.

I think Texas will beat USC. Both offenses are incredible, but Texas has an awesome defense and USC's is serviceable.


The Texas score shocked me. But I think it was a little payback for 2001, when the Buffs knocked the t-sippers out of the National Championship game.


typical westcoast/PAC-10 bashing in this thread so far. i would point out the following:

many professional handicappers consider this USC offense to be the best they have ever seen.

as of right now, Southern Cal is favored by 6.5 pts over Texas. professional oddsmakers also analyze football meticulously.


Now I could be wrong, but aren't the odds determined by what people bet, not by what the oddsmakers think the score will be?


I'm a big Texas fan, so take my thoughts with a grain of salt. I think that Texas' defense is better than USC's but it isn't great. The USC rushing game should be able to put up some good numbers. USC will have fits handling Vince Young, regardless of their team speed. He has improved greatly as a passer since last year.

It should be a great game. Barring a ton of turnovers by one team or the other, I'm guessing Texas will win something like 38-35.


Somewhat true, they are first set by what the odds makers think the final score may be. Then as people bet, to make things even with "the house" the odds are changed. This is the casino will for sure make money on the game. To force people ot bet the other way.


There is no doubt in my simple mind that USC will win.

Go Trojans.

I think Oregon could beat Texas, but it's just a biased opinion so Texas fans don't threaten me....please


Perhaps they missed '95 Nebraska.


yeah, you're mostly right. in theory, oddsmakers want equal action on both sides of a line: winning and losing bets cancel out and their guaranteed profit comes from the commission, juice, etc.

in reality, booksmakers shade lines because a) it's pretty easy to tell which way the public is going to bet (favorites and overs in football); and b) professionals bettors know this and will pound a line that has been overadjusted.

nobody wins these debates. personally, i would never compare an option offense to a balanced one like Southern Cal's. but here are some interesting stats for comparison. (since i'm not even an SC fan, i just don't care enough to search further)