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USC Strongman Comp in Australia



Apparently Savickas, Poundstone, Benedikt Magnusson, Ortmayer & Terry Hollands are coming down to do a show in December. The promoter has been a little shady with some stuff. I am wondering if anyone knows any of these guys and can confirm or any info really.

It's a long story as to why I'm asking so I won't go into it.

Thanks Guys


Poundstone is planning on going


SWEET!! Do you know where in OZ getstrength??


do you reckon they’ll do a show in NZ


Poundstone said on his facebook page that they dropped him from the USC. If I understood correctly, he wanted certain details in writing - who the sponsor was, what TV it would be on, etc - and they wanted him to make a 100% committment. When he wanted it in writing first they dropped him. or soemthing like that. The rumor now is that Terry’s not doing it either.


Benni is going, he said on his FB page, although he now refers to it as a “fitness show” as apparently the deadlift has been reduced by 50 kilos.


Yeah, I’m competing. Bit unfortunate cause the events were said to be too heavy by some guys, and when they were made lighter Benni pulled out.

The promoter has run a bunch of shows in Aussie, the ‘shady’ comments have probably been made up by guys.


not sure if this’ll help you out, but these guys are the event organisers and if you throw the Brisbane manager an email i’m sure he’ll be able to help. They were pretty responsive and helpfull when i emailed about nationals and state next year.