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USAPL Records

I am pretty new to the powerlifting game, but I was looking through the USAPL records for my age (Teen 3, 18-19) and weight class (198) and saw that the total was pretty attainable.
It is 1317. I currently am sitting at at 425 squat, a 295 bench, and a 515 deadlift, putting me 82 lbs short.

I will be turning 20 in 6 months, and then wouldn’t be able to compete in that division, obviously.
Is this an attainable goal for a 6 month time frame? I have been lifting competitively for about a year, have done 1 meet in the UPA, where I did decently.

What would be a method of building strength, technique, and peaking that could be effective?
For what I have done to get to my current level is kind of a mix of high frequency with moderately high volume. I have never done a real set in stone program.
Also, my diet is no where near perfect, but I do try to consume about 250 g’s of protein a day and around 4000 calories.

As I said, I’m pretty new to the sport, and would love advice.
I would love to set a record or two before becoming a junior (20-23) where the total record is 1600 hahah.

Yes you can without a doubt obtain that goal given the time frame. As far as the best training program, well that is obviously up for debate. 6 months is long enough to where you can run any program, then a month out will really be when you have to start focusing on peaking. But dont think you have to start priming your CNS for a max out now, because you can completely change your body composition in 6 months given your young age. Just focus on growing and taking advantage of being a young lifter likely still making huge gains

Check the rules, you may be eligible to lift for the whole year, some feds allow this.

This is what I’m currently doing. Critique is welcome (Repsxsets)

Snatch Grip Deadlift: Daily max, then 3x5 with 80%
Front Squats: 5x5
Hack Squats, 1x20, 3x8 heavier, 1x20
SLDL 3x12-15
Ab Wheel Rolloutx50

Paused BB Bench: Daily Max, then 3x5 with 80%
Close Grip Decline Work up to a heavy set of 5, 5x2
BTN Press 3x15-20
Tricep Extensionsx100 with a couple of the cheap resistance bands at the gym
Face Pullsx50-75

OFF or 50 reps of horizontal pulls and 50 reps of vertical pulls. Moderate intensity
Also 5 sets of biceps
AB Wheel Rolloutsx100

Back Squat (Low Bar): Daily Max, then 3x5 with 80%
Paused Back Squat (High Bar) 2x6-8, mostly for form, still moderately heavy weight
Lunges: 185 for 2 sets of 10 reps a leg
Leg Curls 4x20

Same as Wednesday

Z Press (seated BB overhead press from pins): daily max, then 3x4 with 80%
Close Grip Paused Incline Press: 5x5
5 sets of laterals
5 sets of behind the head single arm extensions
Face Pullsx50-75


Also, I will be on vacation this upcoming week, and will have no access to a gym. When I return, I will film each of the three lifts and post them for form critique.

My opinion, too many exercises. And you start off the week with all non powerlift movements? I would not have a full day dedicated to front squats, hack squats, snatch grip DL, all of which are ok for bodybuilding, but are not the priority for lifting.

Just my 2 cents. What you are doing is clearly working so who knows

Start competing now. Gym lift numbers mean nothing.

Completing all major lifts on the same day, with rules, waiting for commands and the pressure involved changes everything

Everyone thinks their great until they meet their counterparts face to face!

My two cents would be if your goal is to break a record in 6 months and you are only 82lbs short off it, you need alter to your training to put all your focus and effort into it. In 6 months you can definitely hit that especially since your young, growing, have little experience that can only result in some decent gains if you follow a plan and don’t break from it.

Your training program looks too all over the place quite frankly. You’re a powerlifter so train like one. Right now you need high frequency practice with the lifts with maybe one or two SPP lifts (specfic variations in the lifts) building into the competition over the next 24± weeks.

It looks like you have bastardized a ‘westside’ mentality and that’s not what you need now unless you have a vast understanding of conjugate training and have a YEARLY PLAN for it waving speed-strength, strength-speed, accumulation, intensification ect… blocks of progression going to the meet. Your training looks short sited in terms of that…

So… what should you do?

I would say get on the CUBE METHOD as it has high frequency, high volume and it orginates with westside principles but molds a lot of RUSSIAN HIGH VOLUME mentality training with the core lifts into the program in terms of ‘assistance work’.

But if that doesn’t tickle your taste buds… I am hands down a SHEIKO convert and would say do some research on the program as you have enough time to run dave bate’s 13 week prep cycle and THEN SOME!!! Try it out, just make sure you eat like a pig, pay attention to recovery and after the 13 week prep cycle and continually researching and asking questions you can alter the program to suit your needs. Such as the second lift per day of either the squat/bench/deadlift to work a weakness in that lift as well as getting the full ROM volume in too.

Tatto’d’popeye: I would totally agree on the gym lifts. My first meet was sub-par, I totalled 1,105. It is a toally different beast hitting all PR’s in the same day rather than throughout a week.

JC_Tree_Trunks: I see your point. The snatch grip deads have felt good, have been a more recent thing. I had a bit of a theory that being able to pull my PR from a snatch grip would mean a much bigger conventional pull. Ha, but since I’ve only been training for powerlifting a short period of time, I shouldn’t be worried about that time of thing, eh? I have also felt a plus from front squats, as I do them with a wide stance and pause at the bottom. I pull sumo, and I feel this has helped with my starting position. Other than that, not a great reason to keep them. I need to find valuse in my lifts if I want to be doing them, they need to all help me build my total. Thanks for the insight.

Diduted56: I definitely do NOT have a vast understanding of the conjugate methodology. I just know I started out rather weak, started training in this manner, and have seen a small amount of progress. However, being quite new to strength sports, I’m sure doing anything will make improvements. Sheiko has always sounded like a fantastic idea, Ben Rice is probably my top weightlifting idol (slightly homo) and he seems to run that very effectively.
Is this what you’re referring to as the shieko cycle?
The only issue I would have with that is only lifting 3 times a week. I have always been a 5-6 times a week person.

Could anyone else weigh in on Sheiko? Is it important to do the 3 days a week before moving up to 4? I am probably thinking more of my recovery and ability to handle volume than I should…

I’m a major proponent of Sheiko’s templates, so I’d always lean towards that. You seem to do a lot of high rep work now, so your work capacity should be high enough to handle 4 days/week; you could also use the 3 days/week structured templates and keep some of your light/assistance type days. You’re also young enough that recovery shouldn’t be a major hurdle.

This style of training does seem to effect everyone differently, though, so bear that in mind. Some people find the bench to be too light, so you may want to tweak the percentages a bit after a week or two when you know how its effecting your body. Just make sure your lifts are always moving quickly, you run a peaking cycle prior to the meet, and you should be good to go.

To go with the above comment that was the Sheiko I was talking about that you found.
I would say run the program as is to get used to the style of training and on a Saturday do some assistance work like back work.
If the program seems to long to run go with #29 first and after the cycle (4 weeks) you could go to #30 or if you are handling well the cms (4 days) program is always there for you. I ran 29, 30, 2 weeks of 32 into a meet this past weekend and will be going into cms prep cycles for 12 weeks before another meet. I believe I am ready to do 4 days a week now, your work capacity goes through the roof doing this program!

So yeah do some more research, download all the templates as they are super easy to find and get cracking on it!

If I may weigh in on ‘sheiko’. I have done 500 wilks in the IPF and train this style.

Sheiko was a coach and thus these are not generalizable programs you find on the internet. These are examples of a 1 month plan he planned for 1 athlete at some point in time. Now thats not to say how you train would be totally different, but dont just follow it blindly. To be honest, the squat probably doesnt need to be changed much for the first cycle, just squat a lot.

The bench should be considered: where do i suck? Can’t pause, then practise long pauses. Cant lockout, do soem closegrips or add a small ammount of chain. On a sidenote, still pause everything.

Similarily with the deadlift, feel free to adjust the variations to suit your needs: have kick ass lockout, swap the rack pulls to deficits.

You get the idea. Feel free to pm with questions.