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USAPL Raw Nationals this Weekend?


Anyone going to be at USAPL Raw Nationals this weekend? Just curious. I'll be competing on Friday.


On a related note, does a roster of 300+ lifters mean they're going to introduce qualifying totals for future raw nationals?


Qualifying totals aren't required for USAPL Raw Nats?


So far you've just had to post any raw total in a USAPL meet.


Good luck Andy, I hope you have a great day and set some PR's. I am sure it will be a blur but a memorable experience.


I'll be there. Competing friday morning in the 132's


Thanks, Tim!

And yeah, they probably should start requiring qualifying totals in the years to come.

Neverbackdown - I'll be in the afternoon flight with the 165ers. If you're around, say hello. I might be around to watch the morning lifts.


Good luck to everyone. I won't be there this year but I plan to wreck shit next year.


Good luck to all the Yanks this weekend - the GBPF Unequipped Championship is this weekend too, and they'll be picking the GB team for the IPF Classic Worlds next year based on performance - maybe that's why they're the same weekend? Maybe the USAPL are picking the US team based on this?

300 lifters! That's a lot... I think we've got 50 at most. We had to do a qualifying total though.

Let's hope someone will come forward somewhere who can beat those damn Russians!

That's not to say I won't give it a good crack if I get the chance.


Good luck to all the lifters this weekend!

If anyone sticks around for it, the committee meeting afterwards has got an interesting agenda:



Was going to go but I have obligations. Good luck to everyone !


Good luck to everyone competing.

I lift Sunday morning in the 242's.


The lifter total for the meet is 340.


ill be there fri for the afternoon too, not lifting though just helpin a teammate out. good luck everyone.


Was actually supposed to do a meet a couple months ago and then was planning to head out and compete in this. Unfortunately i came down with a bad virus and had to miss the meet so didn't have a total to qualify. Good luck to all competing, looking forward to seeing how everyone does.


Hey guys, hope the USAPL nationals went well, any idea who took the 125kg class, numbers etc?


Mike Tuscherer won the 125 KG class. Idk what his total was but he pulled 832 and made it look easy



Wow, I wish I'd stayed to see that.

I left Saturday afternoon after watching some friends lift in the morning session.

Here's the video of my lifts: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OuNEeHDYSB8

The quality of my camera somehow plummeted this meet compared to last meet.


Animus, great lifting. On your pulls, I think if you relaxed your traps and shoulders, you could increase your deadift. By tensing them you are functionally shortening your arms. Your shoulders/arms should serve to just connect you to the bar. No need to do an isometric shrug.



Thanks, beef. I don't think I'm in a shrug really, but I do keep my shoulder blades retracted in the deadlift, so I could see how relaxing them could decrease the ROM slightly. I'll have to give it a shot on the lighter pulls I'll be doing this week. Our flight's deadlifts were delayed by about 20-30mins because they messed up the computer system..

I normally pull a little cleaner, but it had been half an hour since I had finished warming up that I did that first pull. I think that screwed everyone in our flight up, because most people failed their second attempts in our flight and it just was... unpleasant. Oddly enough, the guy who took first place decided to warm-up with Flight C, so he was all prepared. Lol.