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USAPL Raw Nationals Aug. 19-21st


Anyone goin? Just wondering. I'll be there competing at 132


Where will it be located?


At a Hilton hotel in Scranton, PA


I am seriously considering it. SHW Masters.


I'll be there. 198 Juniors


I will be there! 148 open women :wink:


Depeding on the timing next year, I want to do raw nationals and mens nationals. I will be at push pull nationals this year. 275 open.


where is your bench at right now??


I will be following you. Raw Nats was held near me last year, so I got to watch. It was amazing to see the talent without all the wraps and suits. [I usually compete geared myself.]


Awww that is so cool! Come check out my log! Im under Raw Female Powerlifter in the training logs!!


I will be competing at 242.


I hit an easy 530 in my shirt a couple weeks ago. Raw I am around 430-450.


What's really cool is that the US Raw nationals is on the same weekend as the British unequipped championships, so there should be some good comparisons to be made, even though our weight classes are slightly different now.


I got to back out of this one. 190lb dumbbell fractured my foot. Got to wear a boot for 4 weeks.


can i enter as a canadian? im having trouble finding a raw contest to enter and i havnt competed in over a year

junior, 182.5 lbs

current maxs as of last test

squat 435
bench 275
dead 435


possibly the coolest avatar on the nation...


It was a great moment for me!


in order to enter you have to have at least one usapl meet where you competed in the raw division in the last year i believe.
i may be going to cheer on some of my teammates in the 198 and either 165 or 148 class. was thinking about competing but then i hurt my knee playing rugby. bah


Theres over 300 lifters currently registered for the meet. Gettin pretty amped up. Hopin to go 290-190-400 at 132


Hi! Where do you train? My training partner will be lifting in 148 open. Looking over the list, it's going to be a tough class. We're in Austin.