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USAPL: Nationals without Qualifying Total?

USAPL has dropped the Qualifying Total for Nationals? Can somebody confirm this?

Also isnt USAPL the same fed that was not refunding for cancelled events?

And started charging for having a coach?

And makes you buy lift footage from them?

USAPL, not USPA, but yeah checked their FB page and USAPL dropped qualifying totals for raw nats this year. Not sure about the other claims other than I do remember hearing about the whole buying lift footage at meets from them thing last year so I’m guessing all these claims are for USAPL. Just a few of many reasons why I advise lifters away from this fed.


Thank you I changed it on the posts.

Yea this kind of reeks of a money grab. Even if this does happen as planned the idea of no Qualifying Total makes this a HUGE competition (that was already too big IMO) really taking away from how effectively it could be ran and hurting the lifters who are legitimately there to compete for a shot at Worlds.

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USAPL is money grabbing all the time. Most of the companies that make lifting gear have to pay them if they want to have their gear “qualified”. It’s not cheap from what I’ve heard.

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So like do they send out invites or can anybody rock up?

Rock up homie!!! :smiley:

I would just wait as long as possible to register.

I’m in Australia but airfares are cheap right now

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You might need to be a US citizen to compete at US nats…but if I had it my way that wouldn’t be the case.

Probably they dropped the qualifying totals because hardly anyone qualified to start with and then the virus thing made a lot of people stop training so there would be no nationals. How else will they make money?

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