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USAPL Meet Question

I have my first meet in two days and I will be lifting raw, yet when I registered I chose the Open division, not seeing the raw/unequipped option. For those of you who have competed with the USAPL, do they split up the divisions and then lift like that? Or does everyone lift together and they just worry about divisions on paper?

there is raw with sleeves, raw with wraps, single ply and multi ply. and yes each division is categorized separate, you will all lift together but if your raw with sleeves you will not be competing against anyone else except for those in that division

Ummm are you doing this one (just guessing based on your location):


Find your name. For the record open just means the age category… So you would be an open classic lifter. And given this is not a huge event I doubt they will split the equipped/classic lifting.

Since when does the USAPL offer classic raw?

OP, they don’t typically put the raw lifters in separate flights from the open – they just set the flights based on weight classes, particularly at the smaller meets.

USAPL Raw is only single ply knee sleeves (rehband’s are the standard), wrist wraps and 10mm thick belt. I just competed in a USAPL meet in WA.

There were 60 lifters and my flight had only raw lifters. 4 flight total and only the last flight was equipped.

I would look for a facebook page or something, we are fortunate here in WA and the people who manage meets and what not are very active in the FB group and typically answer questions within a few hrs of posting.

Last I checked there is no classic raw(knee wraps) in the usapl. You can, however, compete in the open division and wear knee wraps and no suit. You would be competing against single ply lifters though. So if winning your division is important to you, that’s not advisable unless you’re a beast. Also 13mm is the maximum belt thickness regardless of which division you are in.

Every usapl meet I have done all lifters are placed in flights based on weight class. So the raw and equipped lifters lift together. I lift at 275 and my flights usually include 242-unlimited.


I was thinking width, 13mm thickness is right, those links give all the rules for USAPL.

You should just be able to email the meet director and tell him/her that you put yourself down in the wrong category and you want to be in the raw section, then you will automatically lift with those similar to you (although you likely will anyway).