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USAPL (ipf?) - Deadlift/Bench Suit


I was going to do my first powerlifting meet (a USAPL push/pull) and had a question about the equipment. From what I've read, the USAPL rules are the same as the IPF rules?

I saw on elitefts a metal deadlift singlet and was wondering if I should get that for it or something else?

I'm assuming I could wear the same thing for bench pressing, right? I'm just not sure on the tightness and if that would affect the bench.



There are singlets and there are suits, they are not the same thing. A singlet is a looser piece of material and you could wear that for all 3 events. A suit is super tight and specifically designed for one lift, you would NOT wear a suit for either squats or deads when you bench. Suits don't give you any advtange when you bench so you should just wear a singlet. You still have to wear a T-shirt or a bench shirt when you bench, the T-shirt is optional in the deadlift.

I haven't lifted with gear in a while so I am not sure what the best deadlift suit is out there, Inzer makes good stuff and it is IPF legal. A lot of the stuff on Elite is not geared towards the USAPL so make sure it is legal if you get it. If I were you I would do my first meet raw just to get the feeling and my feet wet and then if you like it start experimenting with gear if you want to, although staying raw is cool too.

Good luck with the competition.


Thanks for the help! I figured a dead suit would work for either. I think I will go with a singlet then and like you said, see how it goes.

So I take it you can change what your wearing through the meet? I figured you had to wear it all the way through.

Any good place online to buy a singlet?


Well my friend... good luck... I'm getting in my first competition in Sept.

If you are looking to buy equipment, I would send you to inzernet.com ... They have some awesome shit!

I would recommend getting a squat suit, and maybe someone will disagree with me, but they arent that much different besides the seams. For the money... IMO... the Z-Suit is the best bang for buck for newbies. The first time getting into it is gona be awful... haha oh the bruises! Um... when it comes to bench shirts I couldnt tell ya much... I only know what I've read. Some good advice though is to find someone who has the know how to help you learn how to use the shirt.

Best of luck my Brother of the Iron!



I'm quite the beginner, and I use a metal v-squatter in the squat AND the deadlift. Works for me.


USAPL and the IPF are essientially the same, USAPL is the American League and part of the IPF (Which encompasses the world for single ply lifting.)

Metal makes a line of single ply gear (IPF allows single ply equipment).

I love Titan stuff, you can get it from several locations (The 2nd party distributors get it out to you faster than ordering from Titan themselves).


And you can also order gear from Inzer at


And yes, you could just wear a deadlift suit or squat suit for benching if you don't have a singlet, it might be uncomfortable, but it's probably doable.


Thanks for the links and explanation.

I think I will get a singlet (and maybe wrist wraps) from Inzernet to try that out. See how I like competing and maybe get some better gear as time progresses.