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USAPL...How Does This Work?

I did my first PL meet Saturday - it was a local USAPL meet. I’m 19 y/o, at 173 (181) I hit 430/250/520 totally raw no belt or anything.

I looked at the USAPL lifter rankings, and this would put me in top 20 for squat, dl, and total for this year. I’m wondering…do I have to contact USAPL to get my name in the top 20 (for teen 18-19 y/o), or will they automatically put me there once they get the results of the meet?

Also, I was not drug tested for the meet…are only national meets drug tested?

Finally, I’m considering purchasing gear for my next meet. I’m thinking about purchasing a Metal squatter and a Metal bencher along with metal wraps and a belt from EFS. I will contact EFS this week to see what they think about this. What do you guys think?

you should be tested there at the meet and the person who put the meet toghter should send the information there selfs to the usapl you dont send your own numbers lol or we would have a lot of people with a lot of big numbers

Those rankings were for national meets I believe.

go qualify, then compete at a national level.

Every USAPL meet is drug tested.

Meet directors are required to test a minimum of 10% of lifters. So, if there are 21 lifters, 3 have to be tested.

If the meet director does not conform to the drug testing guidelines, they will lose their membership.

The meet director is also obligated to submit the results to the National office. Once these are obtained, the data is compiled and a new top 20 list will be issued in '07 for Cy '06.

You were not chosen for testing, this time. This will not have any impact on your lifts hitting the top 20 list, assuming they qualify. Lifts do not have to be performed at a National meet to be placed on the list.

FWIW, you can set American records at a local meet, if you have 3 National judges present. You can only set National records at National meets. It is obligatory that American records be tested.

In regards to gear, that is up to you. I will state that I am not a fan of Metal wraps, but am a fan of EFS. They have great customer service, so it would be tough to miss working with them.

Congrats on a solid meet and good luck in the future.